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Integral Fusion Provides Expertise in Building a World-class Business Intelligence Tool for Leading South African Product Development Company

Online PR News – 04-February-2010 – – Integral Fusion Provides Expertise in Building a World-class Business Intelligence Tool for Leading South African Product Development Company

03 February 2010, Germany: As business operations evolve to become increasingly complex, Business Intelligence (BI) is becoming imperative in combating economic pressures, maintaining competitiveness in the market and reviewing return on investments, thereby enabling decision-makers to make better informed business decisions.

According to industry experts, BI has long moved on from being a traditional, simplistic query and reporting tool to becoming a more advanced and sophisticated, high value-adding business analytical tool for contemporary businesses. Integral Fusion, a leading technology and services company, has been a visionary in this segment and is consistently distinguishing itself by creating new niche technology solutions, offering professional innovative models for product development companies. Integral offers development assistance to its clients and helps them to integrate diverse information and data into a specific framework to form future operations strategies.

The client’s application provides information about management and reporting system operations across all business functions. It can represent information in multidimensional data cubes, charts/graphs and grids with high-end features, such as grouping, data filtration and data representation formatting. The application has a cross-database connectivity platform, which increases its scope of integration with different databases. It is very helpful for database administrators and report writers who collect information outputs of varying complexity.

Integrated in this toolkit is a GIS-based composite analysis platform for BI reporting. This application uses sophisticated BI components to create multidimensional data cubes, charts and grids. Each reporting component of data filtrations can be reflected in its respective geographical location. The most compelling feature is that it can synchronise the GIS database with the standard database to provide more accurate reporting results on MAP.

All information management and reporting requirements are met in a single environment. Backed by an advanced editor for extreme process management application, this application has the capacity for creating customised shapes and flow diagrams, and defining their properties.. Its adaptability, process transparency and execution control makes it an indispensable tool for effective management of any business process or workflow in any organisation.

While BI has gained popularity, this must be placed in perspective. It must continue to re-invent itself, in order to stay relevant and effective in enterprise management and decision-making. As a technology, BI is, however, invaluable for its features of advanced analytics, dashboards and visualisation, information infrastructure, query, reporting, metadata management and data integration. The long-term cost-saving of quick reporting, query management and real-time analysis is also mission-critical in the modern work environment.

Speaking on BI and its usage, Suchit Manchanda, Managing Director of Integral Fusion, Europe says, “All businesses can benefit from Business Intelligence software; it is no longer exclusively available to organisations with large budgets. Business Intelligence offers its users agility and insight, helping to support important business decisions by analysing data too complex for manual processing.

We at Integral Fusion have understood this and have worked towards creating an application with our client that would inherently integrate all modules in one place. The applications take everyday data collated through internal systems and transform it into actionable business acumen, spotting trends, analysing performance and making suggestions for areas of improvement. No business in this climate should be without it. Introducing a Business Intelligence solution to an organisation can transform the way in which it operates.

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Integral Fusion is a leading business and technology services company that has delivered world-class business services and developed state-of-the-art technology products for numerous clients in various industries, such as finance, telecommunications and supply chain management.

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