Award-Winning Folk Musician’s Fans to Fund Entire Upcoming Album

New York-based independent and award-winning folk musician Laura Meyer is relying on her supporters to fund her upcoming album, Back in New York, to be released in 2010.

Online PR News – 10-June-2009 – – NEW YORK, NY June 10, 2009 -- Independent folk artist Laura Meyer is taking to the internet to request from her supporters financial backing for her upcoming full-length CD release, Back in New York., a funding platform for artists and musicians, allows for individuals to receive funding for their creative pursuits and retain 100% ownership and control.

Currently, Meyer is seeking $5,000 to fund her project and is hoping to arrive at this amount by September 4, 2009 given the 90-day fundraising limit. Anyone who chooses to back a project on Kickstarter is entering a pledge, and only when Meyer’s goal is reached in its entirety, will backers be charged the amount that they have vowed.

Meyer has uploaded a video to her Kickstarter page providing details of her recording project and at one point, humorously references the $15 million spent in the creation of Chinese Democracy, an album by rockers Guns ‘n Roses, and the ten years that it took to finally release. She promises that she will employ a more steadfast approach.

When asked why she chose this type of funding accession and the support of her fans, Meyer commented, “the reason I’m asking my fans for financial support is because I realize that there is no such thing as an independent artist. You guys make it possible for me to continue pursuing my dreams, and just because I don’t have a major label backing me doesn’t mean it’s acceptable to put out a mediocre piece of work.”

As an incentive, Meyer is rewarding backers depending on the amount that they choose to pledge. Rewards include a signed copy of the album, a “thank you” in the album’s liner notes, Laura Meyer’s complete musical collection, unreleased songs, a song performed in your honor in the town of your choice (US only), and for those exceedingly generous in their pledges, a day spent in New York City with Meyer including a trip to an attraction and dinner at a restaurant of your choice.

About Laura Meyer:

Laura Meyer has been performing as a solo artist internationally since 2007. Most notably, she has been recognized by BMI for professional songwriting and vocal performance and is a 4x recipient of the ASCAPlus Award, a cash grant recognizing songwriters in the early stages of their career. This summer, Meyer is performing throughout the US and can next be seen at the Telluride Bluegrass Festival in Colorado, where Bela Fleck and Elvis Costello are also slated to perform.

For more information on Laura Meyer and how you can help fund the Back in New York album, visit:


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