Use a Free Tax Refund Calculator to Estimate Your 2009 Tax Return

Taxpayers can answer as few as five questions or as many as fifty to get an idea of how big of a tax refund they can expect from 2009.

Online PR News – 04-February-2010 – – It's W-2 time in the United States. Millions of taxpayers will open and scan their W-2, noticing first their 2009 income and then moving onto their withholdings. Before they get any further, questions start popping into their head: "How big will my refund be this year?" "Will it be larger than last year?" "Wait, what if I have to owe money this year – can I afford it?" These are common questions associated with the opening of any W-2 form. Fortunately, estimating a 2009 tax refund takes just a few moments when using a free tax refund calculator.

Estimating tax refunds is difficult – even for the professionals. The IRS announced that 20% of all paper returns have at least one error. The IRS recommends using the free e-file for your tax return, as only 1% of electronic returns result in an error. Luckily, taxpayers don't have to go through the whole paper or electronic return process to figure out how much they're getting back or how much they owe. Tax refund calculators are becoming more and more accurate as the popularity of these tools is increasing. By simply answering a few questions, taxpayers can receive instant feedback in the form of a dollar amount being refunded or owed. This helps individuals and families plan and become more financially sound.

Estimating a 2009 tax refund requires just a few items. A W-2, an estimate of estimate of other income and answers to a few questions about life-changing events are enough for tax refund calculators to provide a reliable return estimate. Try out a free tax refund tool today and start getting answers to those nagging refund questions.

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