East Coast Paddle Opens New Manufacturing Facility in New Smyrna Beach

Offering American made Stand UP Paddleboards throughout Florida and the East Coast

Online PR News – 31-January-2012 – – East Coast Paddle (ECP), a services and manufacturing paddleboard company based in New Smyrna Beach, can now quickly and efficiently manufacture top-line, hand-crafted paddleboards to serve increasing customer demand throughout Florida and the East Coast.

Time Baker, owner of East Coast Paddle, said the move to open a new 6,000 square foot manufacturing facility locally was brought on by customer request.

“The need for a USA-based manufacturer that can quickly and efficiently meet customer requests was a glaring need in the marketplace,” said Baker.

The majority of the paddleboards currently on the market are made in China or Thailand. These boards are mass produced in facilities with no flexibility to change board designs based on a customer needs and wants. Baker goes on to say, “Besides the poor quality and performance of these overseas paddleboards, it is impossible for a customer to get a custom board made specifically for their height, weight and application.”

East Coast Paddle’s clients are looking for American made boards that offer quality, durability and performance.

“ECP hand-glassed boards are for the discriminating consumer who is looking for high-end quality and performance at a competitive price,” said Baker. “We were recently told our boards are putting the soul back in stand up paddling.''

The labor in the build process of ECP boards is 100% local to New Smyrna Beach. Roughly 95% of the materials used are American made. ECP paddleboards are manufactured with the most eco-friendly materials, making the boards the most environmentally-friendly boards available on the market.

Aerospace Technology is used to make each board lighter and stronger than other boards. This process allows ECP to control the flex and stiffness of the board. Combining the technology with the process gives these boards a definite edge over its overseas competitors.

“We have combined the handmade production process with this technology to make a board that is truly remarkable in durability and performance,” said Baker.

The new facility employs 10 part-time employees with the capability to manufacture 80 boards a month. East Coast Paddle boards can be found in surf shops and outfitter stores across Florida and the East Coast.

For more information on East Coast Paddle, visit http://www.eastcoastpaddle.com/.

About East Coast Paddle:
East Coast Paddle is a services and manufacturing stand up paddleboard company located in the heart of the East Coast’s paddleboarding capital - New Smyrna Beach, FL. East Coast Paddle offers an array of American made and eco-friendly stand up paddleboards of the highest quality and performance. East Coast Paddle also offers lessons, ecotours, rentals, paddle fishing, paddle fitness and yoga-on-water classes for all ages and skill levels through its services group. Their service clients have access to the most advanced and high performance American made paddleboards available. For more information call 386-402-8585 or visit www.eastcoastpaddle.com or www.facebook.com/eastcoastpaddle.

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