FACE forms and assessments will be digitised with new partner destiny®

Last month, destiny® signed a partnership deal with FACE. The assessment tools and software developer company FACE is using destiny® technology to digitise its forms so clinicians and healthcare staff using their digital pen can process information easier. A study conducted by FACE with an NHS trust showed that up to 30% of admin time of healthcare professionals can be saved by cutting form processing and travel time (to the office to process forms).

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or would like more information about how digital pen and paper can make time consuming form filling much more effective.

Online PR News – 31-January-2012 – – FACE Recording and Measuring Systems Ltd are specialists in providing nationally accredited tools for assessment routinely used by tens of thousands of Healthcare and Social Care practitioners on a daily basis. This recent partnership with destiny® means that these forms will be digitised for clinicians to use with a digital pen allowing for optimal productivity. Recent studies have demonstrated a 30% improvement in capacity through the reduction of administration and travel by removing the need to collect assessment information in paper format and return to the office to manually type the information into the relevant IT system.

FACE currently works with all IT system providers including Northgate and Liquidlogic and will now work with destiny® to integrate and deliver an efficient end- to-end data capture procedure for the practitioners, nurses and carers who are required to collect patient data from the community reducing the need and timescales associated with further administration.

destiny® are the market leaders in delivering digital pen and paper solutions to the NHS, helping staff to increase their productivity by capturing and recording patient data - either remotely or on site and transmitting it automatically to the patient’s record with no further administration needed. destiny® also provides secure hosting via the N3 connection - the private national broadband network for the NHS.

Edward Belgeonne, CEO and Founder of Destiny Wireless said; “We are delighted to be working in partnership with FACE, they have been working in the health and social care sector for over 20 years focusing on how to measure and improve quality of care in both community and hospital environments which is also closely linked to one of the benefits of the digital pen. Now clinicians spend less time on paperwork and more time on their real job - caring for their patients in hospital and in the community.”

Hugh Reynolds, Chief Operations Officer at FACE Ltd said; “Digital pens offer an ideal delivery method for FACE forms, combining the front-end convenience and familiarity of paper with the office benefits of full computerisation. The pens are attractive to practitioners and service users alike. Our partnership with destiny® offers an exciting opportunity to realise the benefits in improved quality of care and efficiency in the months and years ahead.

About destiny

destiny® is the registered trademark for Destiny Wireless Ltd, a world leader in the business market for the delivery of mobile data capture solutions. destiny® is a Platinum solution provider partner and a subsidiary of Anoto AB.
The destiny® digital pen is based on Anoto Digital Pen and Paper technology and replaces paperwork delays and expensive journeys back to the office with an easy-to-use and energy efficient way of collecting accurate, reliable data from the field and transmitting it back to base in seconds.
destiny® services include digital pens; digitised forms, mobile devices and web-based tools for the efficient collection and management of data from the field, effective job push and allocation, resource management, intelligent scheduling and asset tracking. For more information please visit www.destinywireless.com