Study- Business Websites Not Optimized for Google Caffeine Updates

Study reveals vast majority of online business websites are not optimized for Google Caffeine leaving them at disadvantage against pro-active competition.

Online PR News – 03-February-2010 – – SEO Internet Marketing firm recently undertook a random analysis of Business to Business and Business to Consumer websites and found the vast majority were not optimized to benefit from the Google Caffeine update. The goal of Google Caffeine is to enhance user search experience by providing more accurate and relevant search engine results pages (SERP's) combined with a 'Real Time' search feature.

The study by SEO Internet Marketing firm Ibtrax revealed that the majority of commercial websites have yet to take advantage of the following basic but important Google Caffeine results-oriented elements. Elements important to Google Caffeine, according to Ibtrax founder Scott Moir, because- "They enhance user search experience by delivering Accuracy, Relevancy, Efficiency and Sufficiency":

META Tags that are not properly or effectively constructed. (Accuracy/Relevancy)
Failure to provide updated, new, or unique website content. (Accuracy/Relevancy)
Absence of quality outbound links related to the site’s theme. (Relevancy)
Poorly formatted site navigation and internal linking techniques. (Efficiency)
No Social Media involvement or Bookmarking where applicable. (Sufficiency)
Problems with page or site download times due to bandwidth issues. (Efficiency/Sufficiency)

The Irbtrax founder adds- 'It's apparent that businesses and individuals that depend on the Internet for their prosperity have yet to take advantage of the multitude of opportunities that Caffeine presents. Opportunities that if properly applied will immediately help them gain a marketing advantage over their competition.'

For additional details on how you can optimize your web marketing efforts for Google Caffeine visit the Irbtrax website displayed below the Media section of this release or feel free to contact Irbtrax using their brief online feedback form:

About: Irbtrax provides specialized Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and Market Research Solutions for businesses seeking a competitive advantage. Including optimizing your Web Marketing efforts for Google Caffeine and using traditional methods in non traditional ways.

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