Brass Fittings India releases a system of PEX fittings for middle east and European customers.

Brass Fittings India is a Jamnagar based manufacturer of Brass fittings and they have released a new system of PEX
fittings for overseas customers.

Online PR News – 01-February-2012 – – Brass Fittings India is a manufacturer of Brass pipe fittings, plumbing systems, Fasteners and turned parts.They have launched a range of PEX Fittings for the European and middle eastern customers.

The reason for using PEX fittings over normal Brass Fittings -
In the process of changing your drainage system, or in the process of installing one from one phase to the other,then you will need to define some of the approval technicalities that come with the process. There are some codes that are set for
the local plumbing council that need to be adhered to. One should visit some of these areas, or visit their sites, in order to understand fully well,the places and conditions through which one is allowed to use PEX plumbing pipes in your drainage
system.Remember that it is not all the places wherein you are allowed to use these pipes. There are some places in which these pipes become hazardous, especially since they are plastic ones. Certain radioactive activity can be achieved under certain conditions.Therefore, it is necessary to learn and hid to some of the rules given.

1. Make sure that you have marked with full appropriation the use of the PEX plumbing pipe that you have used.The reason for this is that anyone who intends to do any adjustments or repairs will have an easier job in establishing the pipe.Therefore, it is offense not to mark these pipes appropriately.

2. Other necessities that should come with these pipes are that they are to be fitted with metal fittings.There are some pipes that come without these fittings, and these should be avoided totally when it comes to plumbing since these are a threat to human beings.

3. Make sure that while you have fitted the piping into the heating system of the house, you will not have used it before the first 20 inches of the outlet of the heater. This is otherwise a poor connection that poses a hazard to the user.

4. The tools that are used to assemble the ends of the joint of these pipes are to be designed for this exact operation.The wrong use of tools leads to damages made in the piping, and this causes certain probability of damages.

The use of this PEX plumbing pipes is one of the safest.Nevertheless, the one using them has defined and marked everything clearly.

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