Topper introduces Solved question Papers and Solutions to NCERT Books

Topper, India’s top education portal has reintroduced a fresh set of solved question papers and NCERT books solutions in time for the coming exam season. Both materials are designed to help students score better marks in their exams by enabling them understand the concepts and theories with clarity.

Online PR News – 01-February-2012 – – India’s number one education portal, Topper, has introduced solved question papers and detailed solutions to NCERT books ahead of the exam season this December. This introduction is designed to best prepare students for their CBSE papers ahead of the exam season.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Pavan Chauhan, IIM alumnus and Topper faculty member, says, “We are positively delighted to reintroduce our solved question papers and NCERT books solutions again this December ahead of the exam season. The solutions are highly detailed companions to the questions found after each chapter in the NCERT books, while students can take advantage of the solved question papers from previous years’ exams. They are designed for easy understanding of the important concepts and steps while familiarizing students with the question patterns set by the Board in each exam. All in all, the solved question papers and NCERT books solutions are aimed to give students an advantage above their peers.”

With features like video lessons and online tests, is an education portal devised to make the whole learning process easier and simpler for students. Its innovative and fun features make generous use of high tech methods like 3D animations and real life examples to explain textbook concepts and theories with explicit detail. Their approach to teaching is simple – albeit their methods highly scientific and focused, which had led to high success rates in helping students score better marks and grades in their exams.

Adds Mr. Chauhan, “Our approach to teaching has been developed around the fact that the human mind responds better to visual stimuli and subjects that it finds interesting. We at Topper have successfully formulated a structure that has proved successful in aiding students score higher marks by enabling them to understand their concepts and theories with crystal clarity.”
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