Horror Film

Horror film "Hell House" is to be released to DVD in cutting-edge 3-D.

Online PR News – 04-February-2010 – – "Hell House" will soon be coming at you in scream-inducing, blood-splattering, teen-chasing 3-D. Capitalizing on audiences’ renewed interest in the 3-D format that has helped boost ticket sales and revenue for “Avatar,” the James Cameron sci-fi film released by 20th Century Fox, Lonesome Highway Productions announced that the upcoming 2011 horror film will be released straight to DVD, with each copy containing two sets of special 3-D glasses and an option to watch the film with or without the special limited-edition feature present.

In a news release, the studio announced that "Hell House," starring Hollywood beauty queen and pop star Brianna Tatiana as assumed-heroine "Bridget" and directed by Ryan Little, will bypass theaters all-together, surprising horror movie fans. While it may be screened in traditional 2-D at film festivals and college campuses, the gory thriller will be available at select Blockbuster stores throughout the country.

"Hell House" is said to be about six friends who sneak into a haunted house the night before it opens for Halloween, only to find their evening of fun has turned into their worst nightmare. A promotional trailer posted on YouTube shows teens running and screaming in typical slasher flick fashion, while another brief scene appears to depict star Brianna Tatiana being dragged shrieking into darkess.

"Hell House" is written by Steven A. Lee and is set to hit sale racks in early 2011.