TraveloGold launched by Oscar Fernandes

TraveloGold brand new online travel portal launched

Online PR News – 29-January-2012 – – TraveloGold launched by Oscar Fernandes

“When your responsibilities and the hectic life takes a toll on your soul, take an expedition with TravelOGold, an experience that is worth everything that you would conceptualize”.

There is someone listening, very carefully, in the middle of the monotonous routine and a busy life, some one who cares to make your travel a class apart. 2012 brings you an online Travel Management corporation, 'TravelOGold', an innovative idea that believes in excellence and delivers the most exclusive offers for people who are looking for the best, is finally being executed.

Shri Oscar Fernandes, Senior Congress Leader, inaugurated TravelOGold on the 22nd january 2012, which is set to revolutionise the world of travel. Speaking on the launch, he said, “TravelOGold's theme is lets travel together. It imbibes a unique togetherness and bonding between the supplier and the customer. There are places in India, like my constituency, where its more expensive to travel than international destinations. With players like TravelOGold arriving on scene with a bouquet of travel options, the world will become smaller and more closely integrated.”

Announcing the official launch, Jyoti Ranjan, Founder and Managing Director, TravelOGold says, “We want to provide you a platform to travel, at a much reasonable and better price, with a service that is faster and personalised. TravelOGold is an initiative that will transform your plans into reality, to make your experience exciting, to help you get the best travel experience.”

Justice Ashok Mathur also graceDird the occasion and said that travelling today has become more accessible and has become a passion for everyone. TravelOGold is also set up by passionate youngsters who are out to make a difference in the way people perceive travel.

Unlike many major players, TravelOGold is totally yours. It is designed and personalised according to your travel purpose. The theme of the website changes automatically as per your personal preferences, travel history, gender and other traits. For a frequent Business class traveller, a royal TravelOGold page will get personalised for you. It has a host of other offerings.

TravelOGold also offers an exclusive membership card which is uncomplicated, easy to use and can be utilised at every possible stage. Besides these facilities, the portal also has a ground breaking theme of organizing road trips (By Car, Taxi and Bus). TravelOGold customizes and organizes these road trips in order to make your travel convenient as per your choice as well as safe.

The travel and trade industry in India is accelerating. There are lots of portals either established or lined up to compete but the reason to why TravelOGold is incomparable is because it promises to recompense in terms of satisfaction, warmth and hospitality.

On international transfers, special student discounts are also included in the unique portfolio of this newly launched brand. Your trips are valuable and TravelOGold respects them and promises to offer you the best-value holidays. The fresh new Travel management Corporation is all set to serve you an unparalleled bouquet of services.

The portal also integrated travel with non-travel partnerships. It is also in process of tying up global food retail chains and restaurants at airports to give a matchless experience of comfort and personalisation to travellers.