SpeedyPrep Provides Quick, Affordable Way for College Students to Prepare for CLEP Exams during Winter Break

Oakland, TN--SpeedyPrep, LLC offers online CLEP exams preparation services for current and future college students.

Online PR News – 03-February-2010 – – Oakland, TN--SpeedyPrep, LLC offers online CLEP exams preparation services for current and future college students. CLEP (College Level Examination Program) exams allow students to demonstrate college level knowledge in a variety of subjects in order to gain credits toward general education undergraduate college courses. SpeedyPrep’s online CLEP test study guides are popular with homeschooled students, traditional college students, military personnel, and adult learners who wish to save time and money while working toward their college degree.

Although many different groups of learners can benefit SpeedyPrep’s CLEP preparation services any time of the year, traditional college students are one group that stand to benefit from CLEP tests in the coming weeks. Most college students are on winter break for several more weeks; while many students plan to work and earn money during the upcoming weeks before school resumes, many students simply use the time to relax and catch up on sleep and social activities. Although academic pursuits may be the farthest thing from most students’ minds, it might be worth rethinking priorities. Obtaining a qualifying score on even one 90 minute long computerized CLEP test can provide a student with three to six college credits for a price of less than $100….including the cost of one month’s access to the CLEP prep services available through the SpeedyPrep website. In addition, taking an intense few days or a leisurely few weeks to study for a CLEP test can reduce the student’s upcoming semester course load and may even help the student to graduate sooner.

Although taking a CLEP test may seem like the last thing a student wants to do on winter break, the long term benefits surely outweigh the short term sacrifices. CLEP tests, which are accepted at over 2,900 colleges and universities, represent an amazing opportunity for college students to earn general education credits and bypass tedious introductory level courses. With SpeedyPrep’s online question-based CLEP study system, students who have little or no background of a subject can quickly prepare for any of fifteen different CLEP tests, such as United States History I and II, Information Systems and Computer Applications, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, and Introductory Psychology. A progress bar evaluates students’ learning competency, gives a visual indicator of studying progress, and notifies students when they are ready to take their CLEP test.

Students can easily incorporate preparing for and taking a CLEP tests into their work, relaxation, or social schedule during 2010 winter break. In the upcoming semester, these students will be thrilled to be taking fewer classes and in the years following graduation, they will rejoice over their lower monthly student loan payment. Passing one CLEP test during the coming month may inspire students to pursue additional CLEP exams in the future . . . allowing students to graduate a semester, year, or even two years ahead of schedule! Visit http://www.SpeedyPrep.com to learn more about preparing for CLEP tests using the only system in the CLEP preparation industry backed by a four month money back guarantee.

Web-based company SpeedyPrep, LLC provides online CLEP test study courses to current and future college students.

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