Don’t Be Caught Cold By Another Freezing Spell

Replacing your windows and doors now will mean immediate savings on heating bills

Online PR News – 04-February-2010 – – When the country found itself in the icy grip of winter last month, many people reached for their central heating thermostats to turn them up.
And while that might have warded off the immediate chill, home services comparison website says many householders will soon be paying the price for keeping themselves warm as the next energy bills land on the doormat.

It’s at times like these, too, when lots of good intentions regarding using less energy to help cut down our CO2 emissions go out of the window.
So next time we feel an icy blast, everyone can be better prepared – and will reduce their carbon footprint – by having the latest, most energy-efficient windows and doors fitted.

“Having windows and doors manufactured to the most up-to-date standards fitted in the home is an investment which pays off immediately in helping cut energy use, and reducing heating bills,” says Les Yates of LocalQuoter.
“Modern, state-of-the-art windows are made from glass which contains an invisible metal coating between the panes. This reflects the heat back into the home, and keeps it warmer in winter and cooler in the summer,” he adds.

LocalQuoter helps householders find the best company to supply and install the latest double-glazed windows and doors and passes cheap double glazing quotes on to the customer. It chooses companies based on personal recommendation, so if a firm uses the latest materials, and customers see the savings, then they are likely to be rewarded by gaining more recommendations.

And the benefits for homeowners in having the most efficient windows fitted are both short and long term. “Upgrading windows and doors has double benefits, in bringing cost savings, and making a home look much more attractive, which will help substantially in increasing its value,” Les Yates added.

Getting old windows replaced with double glazing at any time is a sensible idea. But getting it done before the cold weather bites again not only makes sense – it will make people better off in the long run.

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