Tyco Unveils Next Generation of Intelligent Security Solution

A world leader in security products and services, Tyco Fire and Security announced the launch of its latest security solution platform, Surveillint.

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – A world leader in security products and services, Tyco Fire and Security announced the launch of its latest security solution platform, Surveillint.

As security becomes a more integral part of business operations, most organizations are still challenged with integrating information from their existing security technologies. Surveillint is designed to reduce complexity and streamline disparate systems while remaining highly scalable and customizable. It provides greater value to the commercial market by transforming both logical and physical security into a holistic model to provide efficiency and high-level security with a single platform. With a unique open architecture, it significantly reduces costs for system management and migration.

“Moving beyond the role of a traditional security solution provider, we are excited to introduce Surveillint, which will create more value for our customers by allowing them to leverage on their security investments though integration with other security systems.” said Amar Subash, Acting General Manager and CFO, Tyco Fire and Security, India. “We are confident that Surveillint will receive tremendous response especially from commercial buildings that see a higher need for integrated management and improved system scalability.”

The need for capable physical security information management (PSIM) has never been greater due to terrorist threats faced at airports, ports, borders and other public facilities such as train stations, stadiums, convention halls and other commercial buildings. Surveillint, designed for enterprises, addresses these problems by correlating information from disparate security systems and transforming data into useable, actionable information. This helps to achieve situational awareness across a whole system or an organization to attain the insight required to protect their people, assets and infrastructure.

While performing correlation of information from different systems, Surveillint enables an immediate, cost-effective integration of systems including: CCTV, digital video, access control, intelligent video, radar, intrusion detection systems, RFID, building management systems and virtually any security system, to expand the technological capabilities. In addition, Surveillint is built with an open architecture so it can easily integrate with third-party security systems. For example, when users want to include new building management applications or need more radar or surveillance cameras, they simply add to the customized system.

Surveillint reduces security and operational risks by integrating multiple sources of information, which enables the operator to quickly respond to incidents with pertinent information. In addition, Surveillint can also consistently monitor the health and performance of security systems, checking video encoders, cameras, access control devices and network equipment used for communication. When a device is not working properly, personnel are immediately notified to address the issue.

When used in airports, for example, the system easily tracks terror suspects across multiple cameras, allowing users to trail suspects backwards through recorded video or forward in real time, to swiftly apprehend suspects. Users can also zoom in on the suspects on a map where all security activities are seen in a single view and to move seamlessly between recorded and live video to snap images. Captured videos can then be exported easily to produce intelligent tracking reports which can then be sent to other teams for appropriate incident resolution.