Larivière Medical Releases AcuScreenPRO DICOM Projection Solution With QUBYX Calibration Software

Larivière Medical announced the release of the new projection solution AcuScreenPRO. AcuScreenPro calibration and QA software, developed for Larivière by QUBYX, ensures DICOM conformity during the usable life of the device.

Online PR News – 29-January-2012 – – Nice, France, January 17, 2012 -- Larivière Gesellschaft für digitale Präsentationssysteme mbH, a leading professional projection solutions provider, announced the release of the new AcuScreenPRO Projection Solution, equipped with calibration and QA software, developed by QUBYX. With AcuScreenPRO calibration system, consisting of a measuring sensor and AcuScreenPRO 2.0 software, x-ray images, projected by Larivière AcuScreenPRO, will conform to DICOM 14 standard. This makes AcuScreenPRO a unique medical imaging solution.

“We are glad to develop a turnkey solution, that enables our respected partners Larivière to sell a product with a high added value,” says Marc Leppla, Director of QUBYX.

"We value our relationship with QUBYX, and are happy that they have engineered functionality with our projector products for this visualization market,” says Michael Beaugrand, business development manager, Larivière GmbH. “Developing quality solutions ensures we all meet and exceed the needs of our imaging customers."

AcuScreenPRO DICOM Projection Solution consists of a Canon XEED projector, equipped with AcuScreenPRO calibration system. The outstanding gray scale reproduction of this DICOM calibrated projector sets it apart from the crowd. The projector is delivered calibrated with integrated DICOM presets, and the connected calibration system enables the user to perform calibrations regularly, which ensures DICOM conformity. Moreover, calibration adapts to the screen type and ambient light to guarantee DICOM conformity under any conditions. The ability of AcuScreenPRO solution to project images at high resolution of up to 2.3 Mpixels, along with guaranteed DICOM conformity, makes it a primary product for the medical imaging field.

AcuScreenPRO calibration system, consisting of a measuring sensor and AcuScreenPRO 2.0 software, not only calibrates the projector to DICOM part 14, but is also able to calibrate the monitor. Calibration is performed considering ambient light conditions, projection screen and graphics card used.

AcuScreenPRO projection solution is a complete radiology viewing product. The calibration tool it is equipped with can be used to calibrate nearly any existing projector or medical monitor, ensuring highly precise image reproduction at all levels. With DICOM calibration taking into account unique conditions of the conference room, the users will always be confident in the quality of images they are analyzing.

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QUBYX is a technology contributor to Medical Imaging and Color Management industries. Our solutions include display management systems, color calibration and verification software for medical imaging and defence industries use. QUBYX software assures you the quality of the display image always conforms to the highest standards of any industry relying on professional monitors. QUBYX is a privately owned company, headquartered in Nice, France. For more information about QUBYX, visit

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