Q-Matic Corporation Launches a National Healthcare Campaign

New national healthcare campaign kicks off with a unique approach spotlighting patient queuing solutions for healthcare providers.

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – PRESS RELEASE

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Q-Matic Corporation Launches a National Healthcare Campaign
New national healthcare campaign kicks off with a unique approach spotlighting patient queuing solutions for healthcare providers.

DULUTH— Wednesday, January 25, 2012
Qmatic, the world leader in queuing and Customer Flow Management (CFM) solutions, launches a new nationwide healthcare campaign depicting the advantages of patient queuing solutions for healthcare providers.
Of primary focus in the campaign is the increased risk of long waiting periods to patients. With average patient wait times rising and emergency department waits that can be upwards of 24 hours, unreasonable patient wait times can be hazardous. Considering how crucial time management is to maintaining patient health and wellness, it could be said that a Qmatic solution in a health critical environment plays a role in saving lives.
The campaign also addresses patient and time management, work environment, and operational optimization challenges in healthcare, and the advantages of applying the CFM methodology. Proper patient flow can strengthen the patient experience and improve staff performance, both of which increase efficiency, while statistical data and reporting helps management to meet centrally set targets and optimize available resources.
To address the demands for an organized and fair patient flow, many healthcare providers are implementing solutions designed to help. In Lawrenceville, Georgia the East Metro Health District is very satisfied with their solution choice from Qmatic. “The wait time has decreased, the staff has become more efficient and the participants are happier. The reports give us the proof we need to get our staffing situation exactly as we need it. It also assists us in conforming to HIPPA standards,” says Sheila Fultz, Director of Clinical Operations.

Assisting healthcare providers with their challenges is of extreme importance to Qmatic. Thomas Sareyko, CEO of Q-Matic Corporation says, “We all develop a personal experience with healthcare whether it's a check up at the doctor's office or trip to the emergency room. This is why Qmatic does not ignore the importance of healthcare facilities. We understand the needs and challenges healthcare providers face daily and know time is of the essence.”

About the Campaign: Q-Matic Corporation has launched a nationwide healthcare campaign to demonstrate how Customer Flow Management solutions applied in patient environments can reduce or remove certain healthcare challenges. The campaign is designed to inform providers of the advantages and benefits of implementing a Qmatic system in their facility.

About Qmatic: Q-Matic Corporation (Qmatic) is the inventor of Customer Flow Management (CFM) and the world’s largest queue management company. CFM is a methodology for managing customer flow and experience from initial contact through service delivery. Qmatic operates in 122 countries with 51,800 installations globally in the healthcare, public, retail, finance and travel sectors. Every year, a Qmatic system, is used 1.8 billion times throughout the world.

Visit: http://clientservices.qmaticsolutions.com/Healthcare2012Campaign/HealthcareCampaign2012MediaPage.aspx to learn more about the campaign.

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