Tankless Hot Water Systems Offer Instant Hot Water Systems through New Website

Tankless Hot Water Systems the provider of instant hot water systems in the country, recently unveiled their new website. Customers can choose hot water taps for their homes and these can be easily purchased using this website.

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – In Victoria, Australia on December, 1, 2011— Tankless Hot Water Systems Pty Ltd, a supplier of instant hot water systems in Australia, now allows their customers to order and purchase hot water tap and other products through the company’s website. Tankless Hot Water Systems are now able to ship instant hot water system products to customers who are located in different parts of the country.

The company specialises in continuous instant hot water systems in which a storage tank is not required. This allows the homeowner to have access to instant hot water anywhere in the house and save on electricity as power is turned on and water is heated only on demand. People will also save water through this type of heater.

Customers can order these products online. The instant hot water tap and system can be delivered and installed to various locations, such as the customer’s house or office. According to the supplier, their tankless hot water system can be installed even in a caravan or a boat, so that customers can have access to this necessity even when they are on vacation.

As a storage tank is unnecessary to run the appliance, it can be easily installed on the sink top. This will enable the homeowner to save much-needed space that would otherwise be allocated for a tank if he or she buys a storage tank water heater.
The product can fit on any size of sink top and will run efficiently on a 10 amp power point. Contamination and other health risks will be reduced as it is a continuous flow system.

Tankless Hot Water Systems Pty Ltd was recently awarded the Five Star Water Efficiency Labelling and Standard (WELS) award by the government, making their systems a great choice for those who want to save more on water and money. They can ship the tankless hot water tap for free anywhere in the country.

About Tankless Hot Water Systems Pty Ltd

Tankless Hot Water Systems are a manufacturer and supplier of instant hot water tap systems to homeowners nationwide. Customers can easily order and purchase instant hot water supplies on the company’s own website.