FEMME VITAL - a unique self–discovery workshop for women empowerment

HR Anexi, a Human Capital consulting organization, has organized a three day event – Femme Vital at Lavasa from January 27, 2012 – January 29, 2012 for women.

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – HR Anexi, a Human Capital consulting organization, has organized a three day event – Femme Vital at Lavasa from January 27, 2012 – January 29, 2012 for women. The workshop will be conducted by Peggy Dylan, an internationally acclaimed motivational speaker and regarded the mother of contemporary Firewalking. This workshop uses the ancient practice of firewalking to will help women discover and explore the unique and remarkable capacities they have, comprehended the feminine energy flow and to break through cultural conditioning they have for themselves. The firewalk is a dynamic experience in which women learn, practice and apply the principles of empowerment. The exhilaration that the women feel when they actually walk through their fears and perceived limitations easily translates into stronger and more open relationships and more effective communication.

Talking about the workshop, Ms. Peggy Dylan said, “At Femme Vital, we will learn that Firewalking is not about just crossing hot coals. It is about facing our fears squarely and giving up our patterns of belief which keep us locked in a world dictated by limitation and fear. Firewalking is about freeing ourselves to walk on the sun. You will learn new and amazing facts about being a woman, your body, your sexuality, your brain, cycles, relationships, and gain understanding of the complicated interactions with men in personal and professional life. The workshop traces the unique journey in every woman as she gains wisdom from the little girl-self to the old wise woman who lives within each one of us.”

Femme Vital, shares ancient traditions for accessing spiritual capacities to address vital issues for the women of today: health, weight, relationships, sexuality, menopausal transition, healing, love, joy, personal power, worklife balance and the ability to take charge and lead the life you desire. Peggy is the originator of contemporary Firewalking and founder of Sundoor International FireWalking School of Transpersonal Education. During this workshop, Peggy will use techniques like Firewalk which she has discovered in three decades of travel across the world during her search for spiritual understanding.

About Peggy Dylan:
Peggy is a pioneer in motivational leadership training since 1976. Her passion for teaching the science of human potential has moved countless individuals & companies to reach for higher levels of effectiveness and vitality. Her understanding of the mind’s unlimited potential is an extremely valuable resource for personal growth and corporate competitiveness. Her work and insight catapulted the FireWalk to international attention as a leading tool for human development.

Peggy is the originator of contemporary Fire Walking and founder of SUNDOOR School of Transpersonal Education and The Sundoor International FireWalking School. She has inspired thousands from several Fortune 500 Companies like Microsoft, American Express, Max, U-HAUL to name a few.

About HR Anexi

HR Anexi, established in 2007, provides leadership consulting to organizations. HR Anexi has global partnership with BlessingWhite (www.blessingwhite.com), world's leading provider of HR consulting and training services and Psytech International (www.psytech.co.uk), the leading provider of psychometric assessment tools and software.
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