A new range of Ultrasonic Brass moulding inserts launched by Alka Brass Inserts Pvt ltd. India

A new range of modern Ultrasonic Brass moulding inserts has been launched by Indian manufacturer Alka Brass Inserts pvt Ltd.

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – Alka Brass inserts Pvt ltd. are an Indian manufacturer of Brass moulding inserts , nuts, electronic hardware and various types of mechanical sub-assemblies. They have entered into a technical collbartion of Tsu San Zu fasteners Co Ltd,of Korea to offer various new techniques for insert molding.

They have recently launched a range of Brass ultrasonic inserts which are far superior to conventional moulding inserts.The Ultrasonic process converts electronic energy into high frequency mechanical vibration.The Ultrasonic equipment operates from a normal 60-cycle line current and converts this to an output of 20,000 cycles per second.The output of the power supply is received by the Ultrasonic press that is similar to an arbor press in that there is a longitudinally moving arbor or tool.In this moving arbor, the oscillating electrical input of 20,000 cycles per second is converted to a mechanical vibration of 20,000 cps.

In the production operation, an INSERT is placed on the pre-drilled or pre-molded hole and the horn of the ultrasonic tool is pressed down on the insert.The horn transmits ultrasonic vibration to the metal insert and the friction from the vibration of the insert melts a thin film of resin at the metal-plastic interface.Pressure from the ultrasonic tool forces the metal INSERT into the hole until it is completely inserted. When the ultrasonic tool is removed, the melted plastic next to the insert solidifies and the insert is locked into place.

Since only a thin film of the resin is melted, residual stresses in a boss are minimized.Insertion time is relatively fast and the ultrasonic method is ideal for automatic, high production operations.

Cored or machined holes should be the correct size for the insert used.Excess melt squeezes out when the hole is too small.If the hole is too large, there is a reduction in stripping torque and pull-out force. Generally,the boss diameter should be twice that of the insert diameter. A larger boss diameter increases the stripping torque. Please consult our engineering department for specific recommendations on your applications.

Apart from ultrasonic inserts, Alka Brass inserts Pvt Ltd also offers Brass hex head bolts, Brass nuts,Brass machine screws, Brass PPR fittings etc.