Renowned Dog Expert Edie MacKenzie Launches Site for Poodle Fans and Owners

It's all about the Poodle! Famous for her extensive knowledge of the Labradoodle, Goldendoodle, and Golden Retriever, dog breed professional Edie MacKenzie is now helping Poodle lovers better understand the traits and temperament of these unique and fascinating dogs.

Online PR News – 25-January-2012 – – Eden Prairie, Minnesota - People may never have considered a dog as upscale and refined as the Poodle to be much of a hunter, but in the old days, these highly intelligent and obedient canines were prized for their ability to flush out and hunt wild game. This is just one of the many curious facts about this amazing breed you can learn from Edie MacKenzie’s new site,

“People are naturally attracted to the Poodle for several reasons. Their fun, carefree attitudes, their ability to be easily trained, and their adorable antics to name a few.” says MacKenzie.

“Creating an informative site all about these sociable, lovable dogs was the next logical extension for the advice I currently give Labradoodle and Golden Retriever owners.”

Creating an informative site all about these sociable lovable dogs was the next logical extension for the advice I currently give Labradoodle and Golden Retriever owners.

As MacKenzie added, “Having a properly-behaved, well-groomed and healthy poodle is something every dog owner wants. Discovering Poodles is my tip of the hat to a breed I've long admired.”

Edie is best known for her comprehensive advice blogs and columns on Golden Retrievers and Labradoodles. Her site features details about poodle training, responsible breeding, common poodle ailments and health, grooming and more.

Whether people already own one of these magnificent dogs or are considering a poodle puppy, it’s worth getting helpful advice and recommendations from a fellow dog lover and breed enthusiast.

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Edie MacKenzie has over 30 years of experience with dogs. She is widely considered one of the web’s leading authors on hybrid dogs and the author of the first book on Labradoodles, The Definitive Guide To Labradoodles, as well as two books for Barron's Education, “Goldendoodles (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)” and “Golden Retrievers (Barron's Dog Bibles).”

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