CNBC and Fox Business Spotlight Backup Camera System Manufacturer Rear View Safety

Rear View Safety, a pioneering producer of vehicle backup camera systems, was recently interviewed on CNBC and Fox Business for its notable commitment to safety for both industrial and consumer drivers.

Online PR News – 25-January-2012 – – Rear View Safety, an industry-leading manufacturer of vehicle backup camera systems, was recently featured in interviews on both CNBC and Fox Business programs that spotlighted its commitment to customer care and safety. Available online at, the company has made it its personal vision to produce high-quality backup camera system technology while keeping costs on its products low so that its line of back up camera system products remains accessible to corporate fleets and consumer drivers alike. With safety seen as the primary impetus for the company’s business, preventing injuries and deaths from blind spot accidents is of the utmost importance, and fuels Rear View Safety’s product development strategies.

“The severity and the associated risk with blind spots is directly related to the hundreds of thousands of commercial vehicles on the road today. Our company Rear View Safety was founded on the principle of making roads safer for local communities by providing backup technology at the industry’s most competitive prices,” said Ronald Hans, the Vice President of Business Development at the commercial backup camera system company, during a recent interview on the 21st Century Business program on Fox Business. The interview can be viewed online at

With a tenacious focus on cutting costs while continuing to expand its line of vehicle backup camera products, Rear View Safety is currently growing its range of cameras to include 3G technology and recording capabilities, and is also entering international markets. Still, the manufacturer’s primary focus is on the increasing demand for its products in the United States, where the company provides backup camera system technology to nation-wide shipping companies, commercial and cargo buses, school bus manufacturers, and directly to consumers via car and RV back up camera systems.

“Rear View Safety provides the industry’s most complete line of backup cameras at 50% of the average market price, meaning we effectively provide our consumers with twice the value at half the price without sacrificing quality or functionality,” said Hans during the interview.

For individual consumers, the company’s line of complete car backup camera system products begins at only $109.99, with separate individual camera components beginning at $99.99. The basic $109.99 commercial backup camera system includes a 3.5” LCD color monitor, a 170-degree camera with night vision, two power cables, a 15’ extension cable, and a camera bracket for surface-mount installation. The waterproof and shock-resistant camera projects a crystal-clear image of the space behind the vehicle, eliminating blind spots and helping consumers prevent accidents whether they’re driving on the highway, on local roads or even just backing out of their driveways.

The range of consumer-targeted camera systems expands to include multi-part sets that feature multiple cameras, wireless remote controls, and even larger color LCD screens. Rear View Safety also markets its line of commercial backup camera system sets to various sectors of the automotive industry, with specialized sets tailored to school buses, RVs, large cargo truck fleets, and more.

To learn more about Rear View Safety’s range of backup camera system products and the company’s commitment to safety, go online at or call 800-764-1028.