Doctor battling ADD creates Natural Attention Support Supplement, AddieUP

Doctor's battle with attention deficit prompts formulation of new natural dietary supplement for attention support called AddieUP™

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Louisville, KY, Jan 24th, 2012 AddieUP™ brand Attention Support Dietary Supplement is now available online. AddieUP is a proprietary formulated supplement that assists primarily with attention support. The combination of three natural stimulants synergistically combined with nootropics, vitamins, and antioxidants has been the key to the effectiveness of AddieUP’s formulation. Nootropics are substances known to provide calming and protective qualities for the brain. Also called cognitive or memory enhancers, nootropics have garnered attention from the media and health care providers in recent years.

The creator of AddieUP, Dr. Michael Baker, of Louisville, KY, says, “AddieUP is a safe and natural supplement for attention and focus support. Like many, I have experienced problems and side effects with prescription medications for Attention Deficit. My approach to health care has always favored natural alternatives to help with various health issues. This product is a natural, safe, and effective supplement for those with focus and attention issues. Surprisingly AddieUP customers also report that it has been a better choice for them then energy shots and drinks because it provides a less expensive and longer lasting lift without an end of day crash. As a result, we are also helping students and adults have an edge in their lives naturally."

ADD and ADHD, its diagnosis and treatment, have been considered controversial since the 1970s. Currently the shortage of amphetamines, the key ingredient used to treat ADD/ADHD, has created a crisis for patients, doctors, pharmacists in the U.S., for nearly a year and has no end in sight. Because expensive and side effect laden prescription drugs are increasingly more difficult to obtain, Dr. Baker feels the time is right for a natural alternative.

About AddieUP™ AddieUP is a dietary supplement which provides increased energy, focus, concentration, and attention support. The product contains no sugar, salt, carbohydrates, drugs or antihistamines and is natural and non-habit forming.

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