‘Oppo Recruitment’, launch their website

‘Oppo Recruitment’ a new recruitment service specifically dedicated to ex military personnel are proud to announce the launch of their new website.

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – A new recruitment service specifically dedicated to ex military personnel have Today announced the launch of their new website.

Oppo Recruitment is owned by an ex-military serviceman who after years in the forces struggled to find a work and desperately wants to ensure that ex-military do not face the same issues as he did.

He said “ After leaving the forces myself not long ago I knew that things were going to be tough especially in the current climate, I used my ECLAS credits and completed a number of courses and fortunately with some exceptional advice and assistance through Family and Friends I managed to find work. I have a very personal reason for dedicating my time, effort and money to this business and that is to ensure that my fellow ex servicemen don’t stumble across the same areas where I had problems and that there is more than one company to approach when help is needed.”

Oppo Recruitment will assist ex-military personnel on a personal level offering CV advice, Free CV Templates, job opportunities, interview technique, courses, payment solutions and and a website with an online forum to discuss their experiences with fellow Soldiers.

Each Year 20,000 people leave the military having served Britain with courage and honour but for far too many adjusting to civilian life is their biggest battle.

Many have no homes of their own, haven’t dealt with personal finances or have ever sat through a formal job interview.

Former SAS hero Andy Mcnabb explained also some of the challenges faced by troops entering civvy street.

He said that many don’t understand their potential and what fantastic skills they can offer employers.

He added “There is trepidation and often the longer they have served the harder it is to get out. Many settle for sub-standard jobs or take temporary options. What they need and deserve are real jobs with a good salary and good prospects.”

No official figures are kept by the Department for Work and Pensions and the Ministry of Defence but recruitment experts estimate a minimum of 50,000, almost half the strength of the regular British Army are currently jobless.

For companies like Oppo Recruitment it is there job to link them up with potential posts.

Oppo Recruitment are extremely passionate about finding the ideal role to match their candidates skill set. They offer a bespoke service tailored to individual needs and will do everything in their power to find a Career that the candidate is HAPPY with.

For more information please contact info@opporecruitment.co.uk

To view the new website please go to http://www.opporecruitment.co.uk/

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