Jigsaw Conferences Exhibits At The Business Travel Show 2012 London

Jigsaw conferences Ltd is one of the industry best kept secret gems heading to the Business Travel Show in 2012. With only weeks until the show starts Jigsaw are looking forward to Tuesday 7 February when they will exhibit at the show.

Online PR News – 25-January-2012 – – Operations Director Mandy Chagger says: “We noticed a clear year on year growth in enquiries for travel; savvy clients and Procurement specialists are looking for a new breed of International Travel Agents. Self-service is the last thing that comes to mind when major disruptions happen to itineraries and that’s when travellers are reminded that customer support has diminished in just a few short years. Business travellers are focused on advanced travel logistics and the reality is that it really takes people who know how to take action immediately.”

Business Travel Manager Kashy Kaur added: “technology for corporate travel booking has been embraced with domestic travel; even many small SMEs choose to keep a separate travel agency to manage their international needs. That’s because they know travel disruptions not only impact the individuals travelling, but they also disrupt business priorities and contribute losses to the bottom line. “Companies have recognised that travel procurement should be handled by the best class of travel agents – one that consider budgets, schedules and preferences, who understand the importance of achieving savings while booking to ensure good yield for business travel. They should maintain relationships with airlines and hotels, and share their personal travel expertise. They should offer perks and amenities that you couldn’t get on your own.”

Mandy Chagger added: Business Travel Show 2012 is a prime opportunity to enhance our relationships with current and new clients and partners.

The enquiries, which were for business travel, accommodation and events in 2011 and 2012, came from existing and potential new clients from sectors including Pharmaceutical, Healthcare, FMCG, Telecommunications and technology systems. Destinations requested or discussed with clients included China second-tier cities, Middle East, India, the USA, South America and Europe.

Jigsaw Conferences can really help. They are a specialist hotel, business travel Conference Venues finding agency and because they are funded by hotels and conference venues, the service offered is completely FREE.

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