Online Degrees To Soar In Popularity This Year Claims IDI

The Interactive Design Institute expects a surge in demand for online degrees this year as a more flexible and cheaper alternative to traditional degrees.

Online PR News – 25-January-2012 – – Leading distance learning provider IDI (the Interactive Design Institute) believes that 2012 will see a major increase in demand for online degrees as a flexible and more affordable alternative to attendance based study.

In years to come, 2012 may be known in academic history as the year many more UK universities than the government expected opted to charge £9,000 per year for their degree level courses.

However, it will also become recognised as the year in which more and more students actively sought out viable alternatives to the traditional attendance based educational model to achieve their degree. Increasingly, students are going online to study and this is the logical, many commentators say, inevitable, result of the major changes in the way our society interacts thanks in large part to the ubiquitous World Wide Web.

There is no such thing as a standard learner but increasingly we are finding students are much more aware of the need to take control of their learning and online provision enables them to do this

Private education providers are relatively new to the education market in the UK but have been thriving elsewhere for many years and these providers have been quick to adopt the internet as a means of course delivery. Online provision lends itself to flexible delivery models and many providers offer full time, part time and fast track study options for those who want to control the speed of their learning and the duration of their studies.

Increasingly, the modern student needs to fit their studies around work or family commitments. Coupled with equally flexible payment plans, the online degree model often provides a solution not readily available elsewhere. Private providers are often able to offer prospective students an instalment payment plan to cover the cost of their course fees.

The increase in student course fees will mean many students will have to work to support themselves while they study. The level of control provided by an online study package enables such students to manage their time effectively. Additionally, being able to earn while studying or shortening the length of study time required to complete a degree course by choosing a fast track option can significantly reduce the amount of debt accrued by a student.

However, each individual student needs to consider the benefits and potential drawbacks of studying online before committing to a course of study;
“We find the vast majority of our students are committed, hard working individuals who have chosen to study online because it allows them to take control of both the method and cost of their degree”, says Michael Stewart, director of The Interactive Design Institute, the UK’s leading provider of online qualifications in design based subjects, “There is no such thing as a standard learner but increasingly, we are finding students are much more aware of the need to take control of their learning and online provision enables them to do this”.

There are many, many variations of the distance learning model available to those seeking a degree level course, including online degrees. Prospective students are advised to conduct some research to find the correct course and learning platform for them before enrolling.

“There is no doubt that studying online requires a high level of self discipline”, continues Stewart, “but online provision can and does suit the student who knows what they want and is prepared to work to get it”.

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