Zane Education Launches Online Education for Special Needs

Visual Learning with Subtitles Improves Choices and Outcomes for Special Needs

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – Press Release

Date: January 24, 2012
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Zane Education Launches Online Education for Special Needs
Visual Learning with Subtitles Improves Choices and Outcomes for Special Needs

Florida, January 24, 2012 – Global online education company, Zane Education , a leader in online visual learning, has just launched a new channel on the companies website providing a dedicated online learning solution for a wide range of Special Needs requirements. Parents, teachers and caregivers of children and students with Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities, Learning Difficulties, Autism, Hearing and Visual Impairments, Physical Disabilities, ADD and ADHD, and even gifted students are provided with individualised solutions, each accompanied by a range of free User Guides published specifically to enable each child to achieve the most educational benefits and best learning outcomes.
Using what is already acknowledged as one of the most comprehensive online K – 12 curriculum-based educational video libraries, each video is now subtitled with enlarged fonts enabling children to choose to watch, listen to, or read each visual presentation thereby providing for the widest range of learning styles and abilities. It provides each Special Needs student with the ability to learn at his or her own speed, thereby enabling them to achieve their greatest potential.
Research into the use of subtitles and closed captions on video and TV over the last 30 years has established links between improved learning outcomes and even the significant improvement in children’s reading and literacy skills. As a result many Government laws now require the provision of subtitles, and even as recently as 2010, The 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act requires that such facilities are provided, as learning continues to migrate to the Internet.
“Zane’s unique online visual learning resources are already being recognised for effective style of teaching a vast range of K-12 curriculum subjects, but we wanted to make a committed effort to support the development of online education for special needs children.” said Nicholas Tee, Chairman, Zane Education. He added that “One of the most rewarding outcomes for us in developing this solution has been our experiences in areas like autism, where the comprehensive nature of our educational video library enables the stimulation of the learning process by allowing children to explore and demonstrate what topics interest them-an essential factor in stimulating their desire to learn in a self-paced adaptive environment.”
Zane Education’s visual learning solution for special needs students operates on a monthly and annual subscription system. It is supported by a range of online study tools that enables each topic to be thoroughly explored.

Zane Education
Zane Education owns the largest online library of educational video developed specifically for the teaching of the K-12 curriculum.They provide a subscription-based, integrated learning website for children and the adults that teach them, focusing on the benefits of visual learning and providing both the learning material and online testing, fully supported by online study tools, lesson plans and other essential resources. A dedicated team of professionals and academics behind the scenes provide a constant growth in content and tech support to make sure the user has a successful experience while on the site. Zane Education is a global company, headquartered in the United States with an increasing presence in India, the UK and Australasian markets.