New Website Delivers Lap Pools Product Awareness Like Never Before

One of the country’s leading lap pool manufacturers, Fluid Enterprises, LLC – proud owner of, has very recently launched a redesigned (practically brand new) and more interactive website.

Online PR News – 24-January-2012 – – San Diego, CA One of the country's leading lap pool manufacturers, Fluid Enterprises, LLC - proud owner of, has very recently launched a redesigned (practically brand new) and more interactive website. Their goal: bring a cutting edge product to the market in a way that appeals to everyone, yet speaks specifically to each customer's wants and needs. This type of product awareness could not have come at a better time.

Relatively speaking, lap pools and swim spas are products that, unfortunately, still fly under the radar. When compared to traditional pools and traditional spas, these newer, more efficient products get passed by without a second thought. Why? Because people don't really know they exist in the first place. has made it their mission to give people what they need, better-presented information made more accessible. Owner Dan Hulse says it best, "When people do take the time to learn more about our products, they fall in love with them right away. Our machines are more modern, sleek and widely appealing than your average swimming pool or spa. Plus, they are significantly less expensive and much easier to maintain. It's our mission to make sure as many people as possible enjoy the lasting benefits of a swim spa or lap pool. The first and most important step is to make people aware of them."

Visit their new website and notice it's appeal to the senses to captivate the attention. They make it easy to imagine calling one of these beauties, 'my lap pool or swim spa,' and the happiness and health that would bring into any daily schedule. The updated and beautiful gallery provides unlimited opportunities to get lost in imagination, but stay with us here for another minute. There are a few more things to say.

Thanks to the new design and new functionalities, it's extremely easy for anyone to quickly and easily locate whatever it is they need. Interested in a swim spa for rest and relaxation? There's an easy to locate button for that. Interested in a lap swimming pool for exercise? There's another easy to locate button for that. Get the idea? This website, like their product, nailed it.

And was it mentioned how added vast amounts of product information? So potential customers can learn about potential products before purchase, via impressive images and organized written text.

It's fair to estimate that basically no one in the market for a swim spa or lap swimming pool is an expert on the products. So, gives their visitors/customers the ability and information to learn more, so they can make an informed decision. Want to test them on their commitment as a company to your satisfaction? Give them a call at the number on the website to reach the owner, Dan, directly.

Before leaving their website, be sure to check out their two beautiful showcase videos located at the top of the gallery page. These videos very professionally portray the RiverPool in action. Customers can see how easy they are to use, how much exercise can be done, and how pleasurable they are in essence. It's also fun for customers to gather ideas from the videos of where they can assemble their swim spa or lap pool for maximum comfort and beauty in their own home.

About: has over 40 years of lap pools( ) and swim spas( ) experience. They provide unmatched professional guidance and genuine value with the products they deliver. To learn more about the company and their Riverpool Advantage visit today.