Evaporté by Beauté de Paris Posts Clinical Studies For Reducing Appearance of Dark Circles by 60%

Causes of Dark Circles Revealed and they are Not Stress and Lack of Sleep

Online PR News – 23-January-2012 – – Beauté de Paris’s Evaporté has been tested by independent sources and shown in studies to reduce the appearance of dark circles by up to 60% just after eight weeks of use, results vary.

There are many reasons for dark circles appearing under the eyes. For a long time, the reasons were widely believed to be stress, lack of sleep, and/or fatigue. But it is only recently that the other reasons have been unearthed. The skin under the eyes is very delicate, thin, and prone to damage from a host of factors, like the natural aging process and environmental pollution. As the skin is damaged, it becomes more thin and translucent and its elasticity is lost. The blood vessels and broken capillaries underneath them begin to show through as dark circles, which become more prominent as a person ages.

Beauté de Paris has always kept abreast of the latest research and scientific studies. The revelations about the root causes of dark circles made them realize that the only way to banish them is to formulate a product that will help to counter the look of aging and improve the quality of skin appearance under the eyes. Evaporté eye serum is the result.

Evaporté is a unique blend of ingredients including orange peel extract and Dipeptide-2 that have been shown in studies to help the look of broken capillaries, by decrease puffiness appearance, and improve the visible texture of the skin in general. Additionally, it contains Palmitoyl Oligopeptide an ingredient that works to assist in removing the bruise-like appearance caused by broken capillaries in the eye contour area. Evaporté also contains N-Hydroxysuccinimide that is thought to help hemoglobin retain its red looking color and not to acquire the purple or green tint that shows up as dark looking eye circles.

Evaporté can be bought from the Beauté de Paris website, http://www.beautedeparis.fr/dark-circle-removers.html at a discount. A single bottle costs 79.99. Available in formulas for both women and men. Evaporté may be ordered by calling toll-free at 1.888.566.5642.


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