The Rohnstein Provides Ecommerce Solutions for Businesses

The Rohnstein gives its automotive industry customers tools to easily handle their online businesses.

Online PR News – 27-January-2012 – – At The Rohnstein, the goal is to help grow the automotive e-commerce community with an efficient way of doing business online. Through product data, order processing systems, and wholesale distribution networks, a needed sector to the automotive industry is catching on. The Rohnstein is there to handle every si
tuation, aiding in logistics, site design, and wholesale purchasing of performance products.

Some of what is offered through The Rohnstein includes:

The Echise shopping cart solution, organizing products by manufacturer, product type, and product model in an easy to use navigation menu. The emphasis is on allowing the business owner to focus on developing the business and making sales rather than on website maintenance.
It also has an advanced filter system for easy and efficient product searches. eChise has a business owner’s dream in the secure admin panel. The admin panel does many functions that are necessary for a successful online store. It is like having a marketing person, accountant, webmaster, and manager all in one place.

Automotive data sync system
For eChise and non eChise customers, The Rohnstein offers the ability to sync to Vivid Racing’s in-depth catalog which is updated on a daily basis with new items, pricing, and manufacturers as seen at VividRacing’s website. Based upon a monthly subscription cost, products may be exported by make/model, manufacturer, category, or even the entire product list.

Managed Hosting Accounts
RS Managed Hosting Accounts are a special offer that allows The Rohnstein to share high speed web and database servers to offer the ultimate in site speed and performance. RS Managed Hosting Accounts are designed to focus on the EChise Pro or Advanced client that wants minimal maintenance and 100% support.

Custom Programming
The team of programmers share a knowledge base that extends far beyond the basics and as the Project Manager, they can customize websites to include setting up a forum, integrating a YouTube application, or allowing a store to accept Amazon customer payments. A custom script can pop up and welcome new customers with a discount code or a there might be a Cross Sell on an item to other relevant items, or even a simple script to export important data.

Logo, Apparel, Branding Design
Graphic design is a challenging part of developing business identity. New website promotional banners can be done for sites sponsored or for internal marketing on a store. On the grassroots level, doing print flyers for car shows or races is key to have. Even creating that right advertisement in a magazine is tough. Creating t-shirts is a great addition to business branding as well. Having the right tools and skill set to design these requires experience. The Rohnstein can help with the artwork and design and can also assist with printing and implementation where required.

As eCommerce expands worldwide, The Rohnstein is there to offer viable solutions and methods to businesses who want to stand out to their customers.