MUSIC INDUSTRY REDEFINED: idefi Music announces the end of the traditional record label

New record label model to put control in the hands of artists

Online PR News – 24-January-2012 – – TULSA, OK,– idefi developers are excited to announce the launch of a record label model they say will revolutionize the record industry.

Years in the making, idefi destroys the antiquated model of the fat cat record label taking the lion’s share of artist earnings while controlling artistic content.

The idefi website, designed by ticketing system provider and idefi part-owner TICKETsage, allows any artist to upload their original music and create a profile page for free. The artists set their own pricing and determine how their music is packaged.

“What happens after your music sells is what makes idefi unique,” said Brady Deaton, founder and CEO of idefi. “When your music sells, you earn reward points which open services of a traditional record label.”

These points give the artist access to services such as duplication, worldwide digital and physical distribution, promotion to press and radio, artist development, licensing and placement, a recording budget, a budget for music videos, booking and tour support.

“At some point in every artist’s career they have to make a decision about doing everything on their own or giving up control so they have a team to support and promote them. With idefi they don’t have to make that decision because there are no contracts and the artists maintain full control,” Deaton said.

With the official launch of idefi coming on March 14, Deaton is also announcing partnerships with several established artists to the new platform. Grammy nominated, three-time Dove award winner Rob Beckley will release his first solo album via idefi Music next year.

Even the Dogs, a band familiar with the trappings of a major label, sees the launching of idefi as a wake-up call to artists struggling to have their voices heard.

"Labels, as they stand today, are out to break starving artists’ hearts,” the band’s lead singer Eddie Green said. “We found out the hard way that just because it’s in the contract, doesn’t mean it’s true. idefi puts the power in our hands. We determine our success and with all of the tools that are provided, we can only fail if we choose to.”

idefi is committed to not only providing an avenue for artists to connect with music fans but to develop their careers as well, said Donnie Frizzell, director of artist development.

“We will watch the artists grow as we become a partner in developing their careers. They will work to create the awareness and, once they have done that, we will plug them into the perks of a traditional record label,” Frizzell said.