Acoustical Solutions, Inc. Reinvents their Sample Packaging with Presentation in Mind (01-23-2012)

RICHMOND, VA (January 20, 2011) - Acoustical Solutions based in Richmond, VA is the industry leader in soundproofing and noise control products. With a wide product selection, and business being done all over the country as well as internationally, mailing out samples has become a daily routine.

Online PR News – 24-January-2012 – – “We get sample requests for every color and texture of acoustical fabric, foam, panels, and anything else you can find in our inventory,” said Sales Manager David Ingersoll, “our customers are making an investment when they order and install an acoustical treatment and we want to help them make sure the product is exactly what they want and that it will work with their space.”

Acoustical Solutions is not the only company who disperses samples to potential clients, but they are one of the very few that goes the extra mile in regards to sample presentation.

“What a lot of architectural supply companies will do, and what we actually did until recently, is mail the samples in whatever would get them there,” said Marketing Manager Diana Boxey, “We used manila envelopes for fabric samples, then just standard cardboard boxes of whatever size was required.”
Recently, however, the company considered that mailing samples packaged with minimal effort or consideration given to presentation can effect the customer’s impression of the business: “We want people to be pleased with our service and the end results of our products. We thought that the presentation of our samples should reflect our enthusiasm and willingness to be of service to them,” said Ingersoll.

The redesigned sample packaging is glossy paperboard with the company logo and application photos, made into size-appropriate boxes and envelopes. Cards with QR codes for each type of acoustical fabric are also now included with the sample so that smartphone users can easily scan and read product information on their mobile device.

So far, Acoustical Solutions has received very positive reviews of the new sample packaging.

“My wife and I both work at or own a small business, but nothing looking that good has ever left our offices,” said one customer, “It seems like everyone is cutting corners these days, but it’s great to see this kind of care taken when it comes to presentation.”

About Acoustical Solutions, Inc.:
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