Access Fixtures Launches T5 and T8 High Bay Lighting for 480 Volt Facilities

Access Fixtures has launched a line of high bay lighting with 480v high voltage ballasts that eliminate the need for expensive step-down transformers and voltage regulators.

Online PR News – 23-January-2012 – – Access Fixtures has introduced an energy efficient line of high bay T5 and T8 that features ballasts capable of powering T5 and T8 fixtures in facilities with 480 volt electric service. Many commercial, industrial, and manufacturing facilities use high voltage electricity and lack access to lower voltages in their production space. High voltage limits the type of lighting they can use. Access Fixtures T5 light fixtures and T8 light fixtures enable companies to have superior lighting and save energy without expensive step-down transformers or running new lower voltage power lines into the production area.

“Access Fixture knows businesses want to be green and reduce energy, have high quality lighting to enhance productivity and get a return on any investment they make” said Steven Rothschild, Access Fixtures CEO and a Commercial Lighting Specialist. “T5 lighting and T8 lighting improve lighting, reduce energy use and are extremely cost effective even in high voltage locations if equipped with 480v ballasts.”

Access Fixtures T8 and T5 high bay lighting come in open form, with a lens or wire for protection and in a vapor-proof luminaire. T5 vapor-proof luminaires are an effective solution for those who want high Kelvin and quality color rendering in dirty environments. The vapor proof luminaire keeps the lamps and reflectors free from dust and chemicals, maintaining efficacy. They are also very easy to clean.

Previously, having high quality, energy saving lighting in a high voltage facility was expensive and difficult. The voltage supplied to the luminaires had to be reduced for the luminaires. Ballasts in commercial grade fixtures typically handle 120 to 277 volts. High voltage facilities have 3 options, rewiring and adding a large separate step-down transformer; using a separate step down transformer on each fixture which adds multiple points of failure to the lighting system, or purchasing Access Fixtures lighting with 480v ballasts. 480v ballasts are far and away the most cost and labor effective.

About Access Fixtures
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Access Fixtures fixture types include wall packs, area lights, bollards, garage lighters, vandal resistant, exit and emergency, high bay, low bay, linear fluorescent, track lighting, chandeliers, grow light fixtures, and sports lighting applications such as tennis court lights, basketball court lights, volleyball court lights and bocce court lights. Lamp/Ballast types include LED, induction, magnetic ballast and electronic pulse start metal halide (eHID), T5 and T5HO linear fluorescent, T8 linear fluorescent; plug in compact fluorescent, and high pressure sodium. Contact Access Fixtures to discuss the correct long lasting, energy saving solution that best serves your needs.

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