Launched the online service that measures Happiness

Developers' team has announced the launch of the world's first universal Internet service, which allows to measure Prosperity and Happiness.

Online PR News – 25-January-2012 – – Moscow, Russia – Houston, USA, 20th of January 2012. Developers' team presented to Interent-community new free online service, which allow people living anywhere in the world and relating to any gender-age group to estimate the measures of personal Prosperity and Happiness. is a combination of expanded evaluation questionnaire, comparison of various indicators of global statistics, the classic table ranking, and map of the World. Friendly, intuitive and original user interface is attractive for users, and can make interaction very exciting. The resulting data are presented in clear and bright graphics.

The service is based on especially designed assessment model, which differs from the analogues primarily by suitability for use by anyone. The model is not bound to income levels and consumption, and free from any consideration of regional and national characteristics of the economic situation or social life, and therefore ensures full versatility and validity of comparing results for different countries.

Navigation system of the service allows to quickly receive information relating to people of a particular sex and age, living in any country.In addition, the ranking tools provide an opportunity to obtain generalized values ​​for individual continents and the world. Detailing the time series is up to a month, but the updating of public data on the site occurs several times a day.

Visitors can view and analyze information about the rates as measured for different groups of (Body, Soul, Success, Community, Conditions, Family, Overall), as well as information about the statistics of answers to each question of evaluation questionnaire in different countries.

Service is designed for processing effective responses from a million or more respondents per year, what is many times more exceeding than the performance of research with classical methods.

Service interface is currently implemented in both English and Russian languages. Over the next two months French, Spanish and other languages will be included.

On the next stages the owner of the project is planning to start client applications for mobile platforms, and to create an extended functionality for supporting information analysis and research activities. Another key direction of the service growth will be providing of the tools for personal recommendations.

The service is developed and maintained as a social initiative, on private investments. To participate in development of the service and use of results of its work,public figures, politicians, journalists and communities of different countries are involved and invited. The process of forming a pool of participants will be completed by the autumn of 2012.

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