Movie Reviews launches Revolutionary Road Review

Movie Reviews releases Revolutionary Road Review, a great movie for the periodic settings and great performances

Online PR News – 22-January-2012 – – Revolutionary Road is an intriguing movie from director Sam Mendes that unites the Titanic couple of Kate Winslet and Leonardo Di Caprio, you can tell that the director and husband of Kate wanted to see some of that chemistry that captivated us in Titanic, and we certainly are not disappointed.
Revolutionary Road captures vividly the trials of a young couple who feel that their life has come to a standstill and all the dreams and aspirations they had when they were younger is being suffocated .
The confrontations between the couple are one to watch, and you can see immediately why Kate Winslet was nominated for an Oscar.
For fans of Sam Mendes's other period drama Road to Perdition will instantly recognise the theme music to Revolutionary Road are there almost if not identical, and with a period piece like this a great deal of research is done into the background so the streets and buildings matches that during the era after the great depression.
It also stars the dependable Kathy Bates (who was also in Titanic), and the superb Michael Shannon (who steals every scene he is in). has made a review of this well loved and recommended movie at a movie fans will enjoy for the twists and turns in this drama piece, that many felt wasn't given its fare dues at the Oscars.
Movie Reviews prides itself in providing movie reviews of only good movies and must see releases, and movie fans are encouraged to watch Revolutionary Road and find out what the buzz was all about for themselves.