Fire Pit on Wooden Deck: Innovative Product Launch by Premierefirepits.Com

Fire pits that decorate the homes are not strange objects anymore. What makes a fire pit strange is, placing it on a wooden deck. We made the impossible – possible, according to the professionals of

Online PR News – 02-February-2010 – – Altoona, WI ( Onlineprnews ) February 2, 2010 - Cozy fire pits have been around us for quite a long period of time. Fire pits have been in use since man invented fire. With much technological advancement around, the fire pits have taken many different shapes and have become the main object of modern interior design. Moreover, the modern technology has made many impossible things possible. “A fire pit on a wooden deck – Could you have imagined it before a few years? Now you can really have a fire pit on a wooden deck with this innovative product. This amazing product is the DeckProtect fire pit pad. As the name indicates, this pad makes it possible to burn the fire pit right on your deck without damaging it. To be precise, there will not be even minor marks on the deck” says Ms. Liddell of (

Speaking about this one of a kind product, Ms. Liddell said, “Fire pits are known to have enigmatic beauty. In fact if not used properly, fire pits can be dangerous as well. You will be well aware of the fact that fire pits can become fire hazards if the right precautionary measures are not taken. There is no scarcity for the portable fire pits on the market. These valuable additions to your outdoor spaces can be placed anywhere you like provided that you have taken enough precautionary measures. This is where the DeckProtect fire pit pad comes in handy. Layered with high quality carbon filler, this pad can absorb enormous heat. Test results have confirmed that these pads can withstand extreme temperatures of about 1,400 degrees for a long duration of time. Simply explained, you don’t have to wait for getting a large yard ready to place a fire pit. With the help of this pad, fire pits can be placed right on top of the wooden decks.”

Speaking on the move, Ms. Liddell said, “This fire pit pad is manufactured exclusively in the United States, with top class rare material like volcanic rock fibers. This pad is readily available at our online store. We’d like to take this opportunity to let the public know that this kind of fire pit pad is available at”

About are well known around the planet as suppliers of the finest fire pits. They have recently launched an innovative product called “DeckProtect Fire Pit Pad” which is the only product like it and allows people to burn their fire pit on a wood deck (

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