Aksel Paris Unveils “The Broughton” Footwear Collection

Aksel Paris, a leading provider of Men’s fashion in the U.S., launched “The Broughton” footwear collection which is inspired by the boxing legends in the past. This new collection is one of the efforts of the company to provide fashionable clothing for men.

Online PR News – 21-January-2012 – – Aksel Paris recently launched “The Broughton”. It is a footwear collection that is designed as tribute on the boxing legends in the past. The collection is composed of four different sets of 100 percent leather shoes that are made and designed based on some of the popular boxers.

Aksel Paris was launched in 2009. Since then, they already revolutionized men’s fashion in the United States by offering the best and the most luxurious European designs and styles that is not only fashionable but also affordable. According to Yazid Aksas, the man behind the success of Aksel Paris, they started with a line of great shirts because they were already tired of what they are seeing on the stores of their competitors. He also said that in making the best products, the quality and the service provided to the customers must never be compromised. This is the main reason why the company, until now, continues to surprise their clients with innovative and fashionable gears.

The shoes on their newly introduced collection are named specifically based on the popular names in the boxing industry: James Figg, Christopher Monck, John Jackson and William Futrell.

James Figg was acknowledged as the first champion of bare-knuckle boxing. As a matter of fact, he transformed boxing in the 18th century. Records are not a big deal back then but it is said that he has a record of 269 wins and only 1 loss with Ned Sutton. However, he asked for a rematch and won. The Figg shoe transcends trends when it comes to everyday style.

The Monck shoe is a tribute to Christopher Monck, the second Duke of Albermarle. He is the one who oversaw the first modern boxing match in 1961. The shoe is like a combination of old-school aristocracy and modern designs.

The Jackson shoe is based on the renowned John Jackson who defeated Daniel Mendoza in 1975. He is known for his fancy foot work and agility and these traits can clearly be seen on the design of this shoe.

The Futrell shoe is named after Mr. William Futrell. He is known as the first publisher of a boxing paper. He is known as the man who is not afraid of adding a little color on his foot wear, making it one of the bases for designs. It is seen with sleek lines with light beige, brown and cobalt suede.

Aside from these shoe collections, Aksel Paris are also renowned in the U.S. for their long line of men’s fashion outfits including shirts, socks, outerwear, scarfs and other accessories. As of now, the company is only selling products on their official website. They offer free shipping for domestic orders and the package can be delivered in 2 to 7 days.