Oculus Business Solutions Launches Unique Hotel Solutions In Western Canada/USA

Office in Vancouver, Canada leads with the latest in ground-breaking hospitality consulting

Online PR News – 09-June-2009 – – Vancouver, BC- June 5th, 2009- Oculus Business Solutions launches operations throughout Canada and United States to support growing market demand for hospitality industry consulting. The launch is being led by Kevin James Saunders, Managing Director- Americas, to provide sales, marketing, human resources & quality assurance collaboration throughout the Americas via a dedicated multi-talented specialist staff.
Oculus consultants are located in the Vancouver area, British Columbia. Vancouver will grant an array of new experiences for Oculus, based on the upcoming 2010 winter Olympics games. The Olympics will demand exceptional operational success from the tourism industry in Vancouver and surrounding area. The hospitality industry has struggled in the past year based on events associated with the economic meltdown. Consulting has been on the up-trend providing the opportunities of expert, third-party advice while maintaining affordability.

“Oculus will be providing a solution that has not been offered in the marketplace previously. We will work to combine affordability with a unique eye for hospitality performance excellence. The former methods of consulting firms and businesses alike are valuable to draw from but often fail in today’s customer transactions. Uncontrollable changes have been pressed upon us and now we have been forced to take a renewed look on how we connect our businesses with the general public” said Saunders. “We have partnered with the most original and progressive consultants to find solutions that fit within a sometimes volatile business environment.”

Oculus Business Solutions plans to expand further in 2010 providing the demand should maintain within the markets of South America and Asia Pacific.

About Oculus
Oculus is a functional fusion of advertising sales, human resources and management consulting worlds, creating customized “designer” solutions that are results driven. Merging business operational fundamentals with creative and strategic execution, Oculus is able to provide up-to-date and a modernized approach to today’s business operations. Working closely with clients within the tourism industry, Oculus strives to provide business assessments and solutions to increase bottom line revenues through customer service, sales, marketing, revenue and people management.

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