Global EDD Group Introduces iReview Analytics™ for Electronic Discovery

Early Case Assessment Tool Features Text Analytics, Latent Semantic Indexing & Seamless Integration With Full Review Platform

Online PR News – 20-January-2012 – – Global Electronic Discovery & Disclosure Group ("Global EDD Group"), a boutique consulting firm that provides innovative electronic discovery solutions across the globe, announces the release of iReview Analytics™, an early case/data assessment tool for electronic discovery matters. iReview Analytics leverages advanced text analytics based on latent semantic indexing to provide users with unique insight within large volumes of electronically stored information (ESI) associated with litigation and investigations.

The sheer volume of potentially relevant electronically stored information (ESI) in companies and government organizations challenges any organization to understand the costs of e-discovery and prepare for each step of litigation. Even with data already in litigation hold and through a first pass filter there can be a tremendous volume to sift through, leaving many uncertainties. iReview Analytics provides users with a data analysis that identifies key concepts, categorizes those concepts and then provides the ability to sample the documents based on the most relevant categories. This early data assessment provide the information required to understand potential review costs and prepare for Rule 26 meet and confer, both at a fraction of the cost typically associated with similar tools or full review platforms.

A brief summary of iReview Analytics™ capabilities includes:

Concept Search – Using advanced mathematic formulas to allow users to find similar, related, and relevant documents based purely on the concepts those documents are discussing – without using keywords, and without retrieving “matching, yet irrelevant” content.

Categorization – Allows users to define categories by means of examples. Based on the exemplars, iReview Analytics and CAAT technology automatically categorizes incoming documents.

Instant Context (Contextual Explanation) – Helps users understand unfamiliar terminology. The user clicks on an unfamiliar term and iReview Analytics with CAAT highlights similar terms found in related text.

Language Analytics – Within any single language, iReview Analytics with CAAT can be applied to any topic, vocabulary or language that can be represented in the Unicode encoding system. In a cross-lingual mode, users can submit queries in English while searching documents in other languages.

Summarization – Automatically identifies sentences in a document that best represent key concepts, and uses those sentences to give users a quick summary of the entire document.

Dynamic Clustering – Allows a user to point iReview Analytics with CAAT to a set of documents and then allow iReview Analytics with CAAT to dynamically group conceptually-similar documents together in a tree-type hierarchy and finally, to apply a descriptive title to each cluster of documents.

Near Duplicate Document Detection – Uses iReview Analytics with CAAT Dynamic Clustering to identify and group documents that are duplicates and/or near-duplicate documents, as well as identifying the extent of duplication.

Integration With Full Review Platform - iReview Analytics integrates seamlessly with the iReview Global Discovery Platform, a robust document review platform offered by Global EDD Group. This integration increases efficiency and reduces both processing time and cost.

Law Firms and Corporations interested in learning more about Automated Discovery Services should call +1.888.690.DATA (3282), email, or visit for additional information. Global EDD Group also provides these services under subcontract to other industry vendors and service providers.

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