Connect with all chat messengers without installing them

Often users do not have permissions to install third party chat messengers on their computers. has developed a web interface through which one can use these chat services.

Online PR News – 02-February-2010 – – US, 2nd Feb. 2010 – Internet chat messengers are one of the most preferred modes of communication these days. All you need to access them is a mere email account, as many major email providers have their own messenger services. IM chat messengers of yahoo, msn, Google, AIM etc are very very popular. Besides the basic text chat, these also provide lot of add-ons like video chat, file transfer, offline messaging etc, which goes a lot further in making these preferred. But many a times users are not able to access these due to restrictions at work place. Also installing these would need administrative rights on the computer. So effectively people who don’t have access to messengers have to find a way out for IM chat. This is where the concept of web messenger came as a helping hand. provides excellent web messenger services for a wide range of third party IM services. Typically a web messenger acts as a bridge between users who doesn’t have an IM service installed and the servers of the IM service. The user enters his IM service user name and password on the chatab website. These login credentials are encrypted and helps him login to IM service servers. The interface on chatab provides him the interface similar to IM service, where he can see his contacts listed. He is now all set for live chat. Chatab allows you to access third party IM services by logging into your account through Chatab. Users are not required to provide personally identifiable information to visit the Websites. However, in order to take advantage of certain features you may need to provide some personally identifiable information.

Creating a chatab account provides more features to the user. To create an account on Chatab, users are required to provide your name and email address to create a user name and to provide a password. To use the basic IM services like free chat on the Websites, Chatab does not store the password of the third Party IM Service accounts on their servers. If a user wants to access third Party IM Service account, then he must enter applicable user name and password on the Chatab Service. . If he wish to utilize advanced features of the Services, such as automatic sign-in, storage of your password may be necessary. All the IM communications with chatab system are encrypted and protected using the strongest encryption algorithm, so the users do not have to worry about their chats, texts being screened by any. This is just like using the regular IM service, but only through chatab web interface.

About provides a web login and access to popular chat messengers. Users can login to their favorite messenger through the chatab website. Also creating a account gives access to more functionalities of the website.

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