"Quiet Title Workshop Bar Approved CLE" ~ Atlanta, GA with Regis P Sauger, 02/11/12

This course will provide a synopsis of when, where and why the mortgage industry is in turmoil. The class was written to enable attorneys to put their client’s needs on offense with sufficient proof of the bifurcation of the mortgage/deed of trust and the note. It is noted that when a competent attorney represents a client in a quiet title action, that he/she is armed with admissible evidence in the form of a securitized audit. A substantial portion of the class will present the latest case histories for discussion as to the merits and or judicial actions denying the quiet title claim.

Online PR News – 22-January-2012 – – Understanding Quiet Title is the key to success in fighting illegal foreclosure cases from the bank. This is the ONLY course of it's kind, and has been approved by The FLORIDA BAR for attorneys to receive continuing education credits (Course ID 86101, 14C.L.E.R.), as well as being approved by the Nevada, Georgia, and Wisconsin Bars, with several other states pending.

Are you ready to become one of the pioneers of a program that is currently shocking banks around the nation? Are you ready to make a difference?

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Presenters Regis P Sauger, Author of "A Quiet Title Course" textbook, along with Dr. Klaus and Hortencia Torres will present the following topics:

-What happened ( 30 minutes)
-Significance of Quiet Title Action (30 minutes)
-Hurdles to closing on a home that was foreclosed on (30 minutes)
-Training for a Successful Finish (30 minutes)
-Conveyance, Representations and Warranties (15 minutes)
-UCC § 1-203 Obligation of Good Faith (15 minutes)
-Asset transfer or True Sale (10 minutes)
-Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and the trust (10 minutes)
-Underwriter & Flexibility for the Originator ( 10 minutes)
-Use of Securitization Audit
-Function of Bloomberg report
-Forecast of audits in Courts
-Pooling & Services Agreement ASB Pass-Through Certificates (10 minutes)
-Section 2.01 "The Root of Foreclosure Defense" (10 minutes) NOTE: This portion of the class to be explained and used for group discussion at the end of the class
-Assignment of the Mortgage Loan & The Trustee (10 minutes)
-REMIC and Trustee
-REMIC and IRS Rules
-UCC 1-203 Obligation of Good Faith
-UCC 3-209 Bifurcation
-Research strategy
-Why research?
-NY Trust and fraud
-What is a clouded title
-Chain of title illustration
-Questions and answers - Panel