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MyZimTube is the only Zimbabwean site of its kind offering the best in Zimbabwean social networking experience. This site is dedicated 100% to Zimbabwe social networking.

Online PR News – 09-June-2009 – – Harare, Zimbabwe - Today video sharing sites are among the most visited sites. They help online users share and enjoy video, music and fun clips. To this regard, is the sole site dedicated to Zimbabwe video social networking. MyZimTube was launched in July 2007 and has never ceased to create a buzz around itself and Zimbabwe video content. It attracts thousands of visitors daily; it has a growing membership spanning many countries and nationalities around the world. This Zimbabwean social networking site gets several membership signups on a regular basis. With the increasing membership numbers, the site vast library of videos gets more interesting and diverse with the increase in the number of videos and free music uploaded.

The internet community can share and enjoy original Zimbabwean videos and free music at This is the premier destination that offers exclusive Zimbabwean experience that cannot be found anywhere else on the web. No other social networking site is solely dedicated to Zimbabwe and bringing Zimbabwe video social networking to the forefront. People who are interested in the Zimbabwean experience will certainly find MyZimTube to be their ultimate internet destination.

Those Zimbabweans, who are away from home and suffering from nostalgia for their home, Zimbabwe, will find solace in MyZimTube. It is now possible to keep up to date with the latest offering in Zimbabwean comedy, home videos, movie trailers, wildlife videos, documentaries and music of all genres; through This exclusive Zimbabwean site does not charge users anything; it is 100% free to the social networking community. MyZimTube promises that it will continue to provide basic features free of charge. Only those individuals and companies who would like to make use of exclusive premium channels may have to pay a service charge. Those interested in setting up premium channels can send their requests to

There are hundreds of social networking sites available online, however not all of them strive to offer the best in user experience. Few of these social networking sites are actually dedicated to providing the best in service and user experience to the World Wide Web community. On these counts, MyZimTube tops the list in offering its users the best quality online experience. To enjoy the top quality Zimbabwean videos and music visit

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