Virtual Hairstudio 6 Salon Edition: New Software for Hairdresser Salons and Beauty Parlors

Soft Xpansion today unveils Virtual Hairstudio 6 Salon Edition. The product is the new version of the computer program for software based haircut and makeover consulting offered by hairdresser salons and beauty parlors.

Online PR News – 21-January-2012 – – Bochum, Germany, January 19, 2012 -- Virtual Hairstudio 6 Salon Edition is a hairstyling and virtual makeover consulting program that helps the personnel of hairdresser salons and beauty parlors to show their clients with the help of before-and-after-comparisons how they would look like with a new haircut, color and new styling. Virtual Hairstudio 6 Salon Edition does not need more than a client´s photo, a camera or a scanner and a computer to support the daily business.

Testing variations of new haircuts
Having loaded the clients´ personal portrait photo, the program may be used to adjust each of the ready-to-use hairstyles that come with it to the clients´ requirements. Self-provided hairstyles may also be added. The hairstyle database is searchable, using multiple criteria such as face shape, hair length and quality, color or style, to provide an individual selection. Form and color adjustments are also possible. For each client, the preferred styles can be saved as favorites to make the final selection later.

Complementing makeup and accessories
The new look can be complemented using suitable makeup and accessories from the program´s database. Apart from that, Virtual Hairstudio 6 Salon Edition comes with many complete styles that consist of combinations of haircut, makeup and accessories. The new styling creations may be saved and printed to paper. The printing feature also allows placing several styles on one page, in order to be able to compare them at a glance.

Adding the salon´s logo and contact information
The printout may include the salon´s logo and contact information – to hand it over to family and friends or as a reminder for the next visit at the salon. On request, Soft Xpansion also integrates the salon´s logo into the program interface.

* Revised user interface for optimized clarity
* 500 new haircuts
* Photo editing tools: after loading, the brightness, contrast and color balance of photos may be adjusted, clipping is possible
* Bald head simulation
* New and improved haircut tools: cloning and deforming
* Customizable slight show presentation for the shop window
* Export of all haircuts into a PDF catalogue (PDF file)
* Use any photo for presentation and catalogue
* Multi-language version

* Load photos from a file, scan from paper photos or load directly from a digital camera
* Automatic face recognition, with possibility to make adjustments manually
* Additional information on haircut designs at a glance: use a popup window for each haircut (standard and enlarged views, the identification number and a detailed description)
* Hairstyle selection by various criteria
* Search for haircuts using the identification number
* Includes various tools for editing (brush, eraser, pipette, comb, scissors)
* Support for hair coloring: for each haircut, fitting colors have been selected by hand, which makes the results more realistic
* Make (draw) highlights for each haircut and for several colors
* Cross-project favorites list: mark the most popular haircuts as favorites and use them in all projects and for all clients, apply filters to select them
* Including tips for a new haircut, makeup and styling
* Individual recommendations for suitable hairstyles and colors
* Import of self-provided hairstyles
* Save looks as favorites and create a personal style catalogue
* Save new styles as image files, print them and send them by e-mail
* Optional: print the new styling including address and logo of the hairdresser salon or beauty parlor
* Optional: salon logo may be integrated into the program interface
* Optional: up-to-date haircuts as program updates

Virtual Hairstudio 6 Salon Edition is available for 390,- Euros (recommended retail price). For educational institutions (trade schools, barber schools etc.), special conditions apply. The program may be bought directly at the soft Xpansion web shop. A test version is available too. More product details can be asked for by sending an e-mail to

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