Ameriplan Launches New Basic Wellness Program

Basic wellness is a package of benefits that supplement limited health insurance and dental insurance. Vision and Prescription programs along with others help fill in the holes left by basic insurance.

Online PR News – 09-June-2009 – – Ameriplan is announcing the launch of its new basic wellness program that will replace basic health. Basic wellness is a package of benefits meant to fill in the gaps left by limited health insurance plans offered by employers. Vision, Prescription and other benefits that have been cut by these insurance plans are included in the package.

As health insurance has become increasingly expensive, more and more employers have decided to cut back on the level of benefits they offer their employees. Higher deductibles, limited visits and decreased services are all being used to cut costs. Many people are now left without these benefits and are forced to pay full price out of pocket when they need them.

Supplemental benefits are easy to ignore when you aren’t using them. Vision and prescription are often overlooked until they are needed, but by then it’s too late. Hearing services and Nurse line are also part of the package.

Everyone needs to take care of their eyesight, and prescription medications are inevitable at some point to heal an ailment or help lower cholesterol. Good hearing is just as important and nurse line can help give you advice about when a trip to the doctor is in order. We all need these services occasionally, but without these benefits the cost can become very high.

“I have insurance from my employer, but it’s a very limited health plan that doesn’t include any extras. Getting a discount on these services would be very helpful to keep my cost out of pocket as low as possible”, says Tom Nordquist, a part time employee.

Ameriplan Insurance is a 17 year old company that offers discount fee for service programs at a low cost to its members. 2 million members nationwide and over half a million providers are all part of the Ameriplan network. Health, Dental, Vision, Prescription, Chiropractic and other programs are also available.

Basic wellness includes vision, prescription, hearing services and nurse line. The cost of the program is $14.95 per month and includes every person who lives in your household, even if they are not family members. This program has replaced basic health which is now being phased out of Ameriplan permanently.

Soon Ameriplan USA will launch Secure Net, a package of benefits that include many services often overlooked in our lives. Identity theft assistance, Auto club and other benefits are badly needed by all of us, but we rarely consider them until someone has already stolen our credit card or we are broken down on the side of the road.

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