SEO Company Ajax Union Promotes Its Enhanced AnewB SEO Plan for Businesses

Internet marketing agency Ajax Union is now promoting its comprehensive AnewB SEO Plan designed to increase search engine rankings and social media presence for businesses.

Online PR News – 20-January-2012 – – Online marketing company Ajax Union is currently showcasing its AnewB SEO Plan, available online at Designed to help businesses raise their search engine rankings through off-site activity, the AnewB Plan brings together business blogging, social media, and other tasks for a comprehensive SEO approach.

“The AnewB Plan is perfect for businesses that want to build up their search engine rankings with a lot of SEO linking, in addition to growing their social media presence. It's an ideal solution for both national and local internet marketing,” said Joe Apfelbaum, president of small business internet marketing company Ajax Union.

The AnewB Plan costs just $699 a month, for which the internet marketing agency offers a wide range of services. The Ajax Union content department does weekly business blogging, with each post manually added to StumbleUpon and Delicious for added traction, as well as monthly 400-to-500-word articles, which are later distributed to various content networks.

To facilitate even greater small business internet marketing, the social media department updates clients' Facebook and Twitter profiles and connects to users through outreach posts, in addition to adding classifieds on Craigslist and, answering business-relevant questions on Yahoo! Answers, updating Google+, and posting local, web, and blog directory listings once a month. The search engine agency bolsters all of this activity by creating a new social profile every month on sites such as Tumblr, FourSquare, and Vimeo.

Depending on a client’s wishes, any of these activities can be switched out for a custom activity, and the SEO company is open to working with business owners that are interested in brainstorming new national and local internet marketing strategies. A clothing retail shop, for example, could forgo a Craigslist classified for an update to a site like Kaboodle or Polyvore. No matter the activity, it will include SEO linking whenever possible for maximum effect.

All AnewB clients are provided with detailed reporting, so they can see firsthand how well the search engine agency is serving them by evaluating their progress. The online marketing company also practices full transparency, alerting clients of all activities taken on their behalf, even short updates on Twitter.

“Transparency and adaptability are key with all of our small business internet marketing plans. We make sure our clients are with us every step of the way, and keep our services flexible to adapt to their changing needs," Apfelbaum said.

Ajax Union also offers an SEO-only version of the AnewB Plan for the same price of $699 a month, which places more of an emphasis on keyword-rich content, replacing Facebook and Twitter outreach with a 400-to-500-word press release and its distribution on a number of well-known sites. On this SEO-only plan, the internet marketing agency staff also posts blog comments on relevant industry sites to further contribute to the link-building process.

For more information about Ajax Union and the AnewB SEO Plan, visit or call (800) 594-0444. The SEO New York company is also available on Facebook and Twitter, at and, respectively.