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Online PR News – 20-January-2012 – – Aside from the anxieties of having a new born, new mothers are also worried about taking off the extra weight gained during pregnancy. In their quest to keep their bodies back into shape, mothers would try almost everything that people tells them to do including diets and exercises.

With a baby in tow, new mother would prefer their exercises in the comfort of their homes instead of doing it at the gym or attend classes that usually take a toll of their very busy schedules. But for others, there is not much of a choice but to go to the gym and be supervised by trainers.

It is at this reason that the blog site put up an article titled “Move Your Way To Weight Loss After Pregnancy”.

Though super anxious to get back into shape, new mothers should need to wait for a while to start exercising. According to Jade Alexis of Reebok Sports Club, "The general rule of thumb is to head back to the gym six weeks after birth." It is also suggested that mothers consult a doctor first before going or enrolling in a certain program.

“Move Your Way To Weight Loss After Pregnancy” gives its readers exercises that they can do in and outside of the gym. The moves range from easy to advance. Easy or for beginner’s exercises prepares the minds and bodies of the mothers for tougher moves ahead.

The exercises presented in the blog not only targets few specific parts of the body but the whole body so mothers can really have their old bodies back or even better. For instance, Kegels targets the pelvic muscles; Floor Bridges will take care of the hamstrings and butt and Crunch Beat is for the abs and legs.

To help a new mother’s body back the fastest, getting the core back into its prime form is a great help. According to Ashley Borden of Nike Elite Athlete, "After two to three months, your body is ready for a new challenge to get back to tip-top shape, but you're likely not ready for a full-blown workout yet.” To achieve this, planks and side planks are great ways to work the entire core without straining the neck and the back.

Along with the three exercises mentioned above, “Move Your Way To Weight Loss After Pregnancy” includes the exercises Forearm Plank, Hamstring Curl, Modified Squat Thrust, Wide-Stance Deadlifts, Push Ups and Walking Lunges.

To get the detailed information on this workouts—what it targets and how to do it, visit “Move Your Way To Weight Loss After Pregnancy” at