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Creator of, an online resource for planning Jewish events, says that there is a lot to consider when it comes to choosing your wedding menu.

Online PR News – 18-January-2012 – New York, new York – According to Cigall Goldman, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of mazelmoments (" target="_blank" class="highlight_link" rel="nofollow">, a website dedicated to helping members of the Jewish community plan perfect celebrations, two popular types of catering for Jewish wedding receptions are kosher and kosher-style. Although the two may sound similar, they are very different.

“Having a kosher-style menu is an alternative that many couples choose,” Goldman explains. “The concept reflects Jewish traditions and customs while allowing couples to offer both kosher and non-kosher culinary delights.”

One important difference is that a Kosher-style menu means that the food is not kosher in the strictest sense and may not have been prepared in a kosher kitchen; however the dishes that are served can be prepared under kosher supervision. Kosher-style menus often feature traditional Jewish dishes such as gefilte fish, brisket, and matzoh ball soup that are not prepared under strict Kosher guidelines. The kosher-style caterer may also choose not to mix meat and milk in dishes, not serve meat from forbidden animals such as pork, or serve shellfish. If a couple opts for a strictly kosher wedding, there are many considerations to be made.

Decisions, Decisions

According to Goldman, couples must first decide whether they will serve poultry and/or meat at their reception.

“At a kosher wedding, if you opt for a vegetarian or fish meal, you will be able to offer dairy items at your wedding,” Goldman says. “If you want to offer chicken or steak, no dairy will be permitted.”

It is important to note, she says, that choosing a dairy option means that meat appetizers are not permitted. And if you choose a meat option, no cheese can be served and everything, including the wedding cake and coffee creamer, must be dairy free.

Choose a Caterer

Next, Goldman suggests searching for a reputable kosher caterer.

“Often your synagogue or wedding hall has an exclusive caterer or can provide you with a list of acceptable caterers. You can also search for reputable kosher caterers online,” Goldman says. “For example, at we offer an extensive list of kosher caterers.”

Choose and Finalize Your Menu

Once you have selected a caterer, work with them to finalize a menu that combines your desires with their specialties, as well as seasonal options.

“Don’t forget to ask whether your favorite foods can be prepared in accordance with kosher laws,” Goldman says. “You will be surprised by how many of your favorites can be prepared kosher by using artificial dairy products, tofu and other substitutions.”

Choose a menu that reflects the style of your wedding and the tastes of you and your fiancé.

“While some menus can showcase traditional Jewish foods like stuffed cabbage and poached salmon, others can feature varied world cuisine items such as Asian chicken salad, sushi and hummus,” Goldman says. “If you like Indian food, incorporate it into your menu. Try to include seasonal and local ingredients as well. Remember that this is your day and don’t be afraid to eliminate any items that you feel will be out of place or that you personally won’t enjoy.”

Choose Your Cake

As with any wedding cake decision, be sure to request a cake testing. “If you are choosing a meat meal for your reception,” Goldman says “non-dairy kosher wedding cakes will not be made with any milk products, such as butter.” To ensure that your guests leave on a high note, the wedding cake should taste delicious.

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