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Bharatbook added a new report on "Mobile Local Search 2010" which gives applications, technological enhancements and new entrants into the MLS ecosystem for sizeable 2010 investments.

Online PR News – 02-February-2010 – – Mobile Local Search 2010

Mobile Local Search is 28% of all digital searches with a surge in growth expected world-wide in 2010. The Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association (CTIA) announced there are 270M wireless subscribers in the United States with almost 100% penetration. Asia-Pac economies are estimated to reach US $32.9B in mobile data services by 2012. ( )

This report on the Mobile Local Search (MLS) ecosystem is based upon two-decades of intensive engagement in the telecommunications industry and presents a first-mile through last-mile review of top vendors providing products and services. Additionally, this report shares insights from visionaries at Nuance®, NAVTEQ®, Acrossair, Qualcomm®, Quattro Wireless, and other leaders in the MLS ecosystem. The insights illuminated are complimented by industry data and performance metrics.

MLS products are evolving with greater technological enhancements. More now than ever, the phrase - Think Global, Market Local - is on target. Component manufactures for software and hardware businesses are investing in research & development and deployment. Advertisers are eager to connect directly with the buying power. Venture capitalists are exploring new entrants into the MLS ecosystem for sizeable 2010 investments.

With research beginning in 2007, this publication addresses the following topics (and more):

* Geo Positioning Systems
* Relative Positioning Sensors
* WiMax
* Bluetooth
* Enhanced Traffic Technology
* Wireless Carriers and Mobile Operators
* Augmented Reality
* Motion Capture
* Voice-enabled Search
* Mobile Local Search Applications
* Application Skins
* Semantic Advertising and Search
* Advertising Platforms, Networks, and Exchanges
* Location Based Mobile Marketing

Questions Answered:

* How are thought-leaders in MLS approaching business going into the next decade?
* Which companies are Tier 1 vendors for developing partnerships, supply chains, and distribution channels?
* What is augmented reality and motion capture? What is inside a wireless device that enables GPS applications? Why is voice-enabled search critical? What are the benefits of application skins?
* Where are LBS technologies headed and what is the outlook on global financial investment?

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