SEO Company Pakistan announces 25-% discount on all web design and web development orders

SEO Company Pakistan explains the benefits of having web design and web development to home based business owners and businesses in a conference which held in Lahore Pakistan, web design and web development is your marketing tool and online goods outlet which may help you sell more, says SEO Company’s marketing manager Ms. Tina

Online PR News – 02-February-2010 – – SEO Company Pakistan manages a monthly business meeting with huge number of home based business owners, small business firms and mid-sized companies in Lahore Pakistan, in the most recent conference held in their premises their marketing manager Miss. Tina announces the benefits of having web design and web development.

She said, I keep receiving phone calls, emails and fax messages from number of home based business owners and small business firms that how a web design may be helpful to their businesses, the answer is very simple that if you are selling services, goods, or products within the nation or abroad, do you have an online presence, Is it possible to see your products, company profile, pricing and packages, contact details and so on? Perhaps not she says

If this is not the case, how can you even dream of selling your services and products to the online community of potential customers which are looking for the kind of products and services you are selling, okay let me ask you guys a question, when did you last search in Google? Perhaps it was for DVDs, books, laptops, and so on, or maybe you were finding some information about political news, weather forecast, certainly you have clicked and read the website which was in Search engines for example Google. Likewise, let’s say a customer was finding search engine optimization and search engine marketing services but as you do not have a website, was there anyway other than word of mouth to reach you, of course not.

She further explains in countries like United States, Canada and Australia, UK, Germany and France, majority of home based business owners, small business firms and mid-sized companies have their websites, so their clients can easily view their service, products, contact details and even pricing and packages, terms and conditions and company’s news and announcements and so on, this means they will see everything before hiring your services and if your web design and web development has been done by an intelligent web design and web development company they are more likely going to pay you online if your site allows customers to pay online via Paypal and Moneybookers, etc.

Normally, at SEO Company our main focus and aim remains to help small business firms and mid-sized companies get online presence, we are always providing our customers with user and search engine (SEO) optimized website designing and website development to help your business grow, No doubt our website designer and website developer do everything to complete your website on time and in budget, and yes we provide low cost web designing and web development services so you can afford your web design and development cost.

Moreover, in our most recent press release, we have announced Free domain name registration and web hosting services for life for the customers which are getting their website design and development by SEO Company by the mid of February so you must hit the email button to reach us to enjoy free web hosting and domain name for life for having your website designed and developed by us.

In the second last press release we have also announced 25-% discount on all seo services, where you business owner may enjoy our discounted search engine optimization and search engine marketing services, a process which needs to be done after your site is designed and developed, which helps you get website traffic, top search engine rankings on your desired keywords and key-phrases, and reach the potential customers.

Miss Tina answered few other questions about website re-design and website re-development and why it is necessary to have your site redeveloped because search of search engine’s continually changed algorithms and the methods of ranking websites.

Visit Seo Pakistan website, where you will find more information about Seo Company and the way our search engine optimization and search engine marketing pricing and packages are tailored appropriate for your business category, and even information about our link building services, website design and website development and so on.

She expressed, I would be personally looking forward to assign you guys few extra discounts on web design and web development orders during January and February for the ones which participated here and the readers of this press release, you guys can reach us at for any information you may need.