Ellumiglow Teams With Wire-Free LED To Revolutionize The Club Lighting Industry

New technological advances will help event lighting save time, money, and completely change the way companies do business.

Online PR News – 18-January-2012 – San Diego, CA – A new partnership between Wire-Free LED and Ellumiglow.com bring to market the most exciting Club Lighting technology in 2012. This new product can save companies time, money and completely revolutionize the way most event companies do business. By breaking free of current wired technology, it frees up countless hours of tedious set-up and take-down time. With this new technology, now stage lighting can be installed in literally seconds. High quality, wireless, long-lasting, versatile lighting fixtures have finally arrived.

New Wire-Free LED Par Can technology uses high output LED RGB, RGBA, and RGBW, TruWhite lighting fixtures to provide exceptional lighting quality, combined with simplicity. Capable of producing nearly every color in the spectrum, these Club Lights come with over 100 beautiful preset colors, and even produce TRUE White. Wire-Free LED Par Cans can be controlled with a smart color remote, by DMX, manually, or even with an iPhone. High output Wire-Free LED Lights put out the same output as a typical par 56, but are rated for use for 80,000 to 100,000 hours. These high output bulbs last so long, if they were on for 24 hours a day, they wouldn’t need replacing for over 11 years.

Versatility is another key element in the Wire-Free LED lineup, as all fixtures can be mounted on trussing, placed on the floor or table, and even mounted to the wall or ceiling in seconds.

Assembled in the USA, new high-quality DJ Lighting fixtures are starting to show up in elite nightclubs, and quickly becoming a necessity among event lighting companies. With high performance lead acid internal batteries, these fixtures stay lit for 6-12 hours without the need of any cables. When finished, the lights are placed neatly back into the charging flight case and can be charged together as a group. Charging Flight Case is durable for a life on the road and keeps the Wire-Free LED’s charged, safe and ready for its next event.

These lights are sold in sets of six, and available in different controller configurations. More information regarding the whole product lineup can be found at Ellumiglow.com.

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