Las Vegas Retreats Publishes Important WSOP 2013 Vacation Rental Information

Use Care When Booking Vacation Homes And Condos For World Series Of Poker, WSOP Participants Be Aware The Economy Is Fueling Rampant Vacation Rental Fraud

Online PR News – 18-January-2012 – Las Vegas, Nevada – Many participants planning for the 2013 WSOP Tournament are probably also considering renting a Las Vegas vacation home rentals to stay in during the World Series of Poker. And like most people, they’re also looking for the best deal and have been shopping around for a while now. Prices seem to vary quite a bit, sometimes by as much as hundreds of dollars per night on the same sized houses. But the goal for most participants is to get a great deal, so most people will simple choose a home that seems most reasonable and you book it without much consideration.

However for many players the situation does not exactly work out the way it is supposed to. When they arrive to move in for the next six weeks, they’ll notice right away that the home seems to be much more than just a few moments from the Rio Hotel. In fact, from this side of Las Vegas they are going to be crossing the Strip traffic every time they come or go to the tournament. The house they rented is nearly 20 minutes from the Strip and another 10 to the Rio Casino itself. That adds up to almost an hour a day of travel, every day for the next month and a half.

Next problem they notice is that this neighborhood doesn't seem very welcoming at all. In fact the house they are in doesn't look like the one they booked online. As they entered the vacation home and looked around, it became very clear that the home was not been cleaned well at all. Counter-tops are dirty, floors to grimy and the furniture is worn and stained. The interior decorating “motif” is a hint of "whatever” and isn’t what was shown online. When this nightmare is called to the attention of the agent who they booked the homes with, there is no response. When they finally called back, they explained that the home they originally booked had some water damage and they had to be relocated to another home.

This entire scenario is all too common in Las Vegas. Many rental companies and owners here have been getting away with this behavior for years. Local enforcement only seems to happen in the most extreme cases. Customers have little if any recourse with the Better Business Bureau because these offenders aren't members of the BBB to begin with. In a case like that, all someone can do with the BBB is file a complaint, after the fact, which we do recommend.

Another all too common practice some companies use to avoid their dark histories is to simply change their name and say the old company was bought by the new one. This is more than complete ruse, since all they really did was replace the name. The same group of dishonest people still runs the place the same way they always did.

Be careful when book vacation homes in Las Vegas for WSOP next summer. We suggest shopping at companies like Las Vegas Retreats for the best results. A quality experience doesn't just magically create itself. It takes real people caring for the customer.

Las Vegas Retreats LLC was originally founded in 2004 with a desire to address the need for professionally operated and managed vacation home rentals in Las Vegas. The founders believed that the vacation rental market here was in dire need of trustworthy and reliable vendors who would reflect a side of Las Vegas visitors really hope to see and we Las Vegans hope to present.

Since its inception Las Vegas Retreats has been active with local governments and communities in helping to educate the public about the vacation rental business and helping to promote the creation of effective laws and regulations for the local vacation rental market.

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