Time For 2nd Opinion-SEO Internet Marketing firms neglect Google Caffeine

If your SEO Internet Marketing firm hasn't invested visible effort to enhance these key optimization elements it’s time to consider a second opinion.

Online PR News – 01-February-2010 – – Irbtrax SEO Internet Marketing offers three signs it might be time to gather a second opinion to gain optimal results from your web marketing efforts. Especially given the Google Caffeine 'under the hood' updates already implemented. Changes that are extremely advantageous to the businesses and SEO Internet Marketing strategies that are taking full advantage of them.

According to Irbtrax founder Scott Moir- "They are important because it's almost impossible to perform practical, analytical, results oriented SEO Internet Marketing without considering or applying them. Especially since it's well documented that Caffeine places importance on each of them"

The Irbtrax founder further states that many SEO Internet Marketing firms took a wait and see approach. Which runs counter to Google and their forward looking Caffeine algorithm. It's also apparent that many SEO firms are now scrambling to throw out all kinds of mundane statistics and other recycled information in titan proportions.

Sign number 1- Google Search Engine crawl results.

Has your SEO Internet Marketing company or consultant asked to see your Google Search Engine crawl results. If not, the reason this is important is simple.

If there's a page or some other feature on your website that's yielding consistent 404 and 304 HTTP status code errors there's a potential problem that needs to be looked at. It may only be the result of having a 'no follow' Tag. Or it could be something potentially harmful like the over use of bandwidth consuming advanced flash graphics.

Sign number 2- Meta Description Tags.

If your Meta Description Tag is truncated by Google, or doesn't clearly and concisely state what your company offers, this is a cause for great concern. The reason being- the MDT is what shows up in the SERP's (Search Engine Results Pages). A truncated Description Tag not only looks unprofessional, it generally doesn't convey your company's core message in a clear or concise manner. Which can result in higher than necessary click through and missed business opportunities.

Sign number 3- The download times for your website or its key pages.

If you're SEO company hasn't conveyed the results of a Y2K-XT² or something similar it's important to look into this. The reason being- If your website is not formatted for viewing by increasingly popular small screen technology such as I-phones and Wireless laptop notebooks, or the portion of your target audience that doesn't have high speed connectivity. It's going to experience decreasing results at some point in the very near future. Especially now that Google Caffeine is placing more emphasis on 'user search experience'.

For additional information on website download times and other factors view:


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Mr. Moir adds- "Slow downloading sites might be attractive from a high speed high capacity point of view, but chances are what you're seeing isn't the same for a large portion of your target market."

Irbtrax is always available to field additional questions or concerns using their Feed Back Form for privacy.

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